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Choosing your Perfect Engagement Ring!

7.23ct Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Engagement Anniversary Ring | Mark Broumand

There is a lot to be said for buying an engagement ring. It’s probably one of the most important purchases you’ll make early in your relationship and definitely one that will be cherished forever! So it is important to think about the kind of engagement ring style you want. Do you want something contemporary, traditional, funky, vintage or elegant? This part is easy and will usually coincide with your own personal style. Many women have gone completely out of their comfort zone and have been blown away by their “new” style that sits beautifully on their ring finger.

After deciding your style you may jump into the type of metal you prefer. Do you love the bold luster of platinum or white gold or are you drawn to the warmth of yellow gold? Then the real fun begins, are you a diamond engagement ring girl or have you always had a sapphire in mind for your engagement ring? Do you melt when you see the simplicity of a solitaire or do you do you picture your engagement ring band with intricate detail? For many brides to be, these simple steps really help to narrow down the sea of beautiful rings you may be looking at.

Don’t worry the fun doesn’t stop there, we must move into decisions of cut. Round, radiant, pear shape, asscher, princess or emerald cut diamond engagement rings? If you’re looking through rings and you find yourself saying I wish I could take this element from this ring and add it to that ring. Well here at Mark Broumand your wishes will come true, we can custom design a one-of-a-kind ring that fits your every need!

The best part of all of these decisions is that you just might surprise yourself! So stay open and free to the fact that what you thought you wanted might the ring that makes your heart flutter when you see it on your finger. Finding that perfect ring is like finding the man that is giving it to you, when you know you know. Buying an engagement ring is a joyous experience that in the end you will have a reminder of your love for the rest of your life!