Rectangular Emerald Cut Ring, 4.48 carat

Classic vs. Vintage Emerald Cut Engagement Rings

At Mark Broumand, explore a wide selection of beautiful diamond emerald cut engagement rings. From a simple, elegant emerald cut diamond, to a sparking setting with two emerald cut side stones, with or without a halo, we provide the highest quality of jewels.

Vintage Emerald Cut Diamond Three-stone Engagement Rings

This exquisite wedding ring displays a popular, traditional platinum setting, with a rectangular emerald-cut diamond set atop a single band. The combination of platinum and other, beautifully translucent elements make for an eye-catching display, which is at once both simple and elegant. The shape is instantly recognizable as to what the ring signifies; it is as tasteful as it is stylish, evoking both vintage appeal and modern artistic references. This ring is certain to open eyes, and to inspire a sparkling smile in that one special someone.
Emerald Cut Diamond Three stone Engagement Ring

Classic Emerald Cut Diamond Halo Engagement Rings

The classic emerald cut engagement rings feature a setting and single band studded with small, round-cut diamonds, designed to capture and refract sunlight, giving them a beautiful sparkle from every angle. The center stone on such an engagement ring is perfectly cut to an impressive size, relative to the fine, delicate work present throughout the rest of the classy, finely-worked band. Soft colors and various metals contribute to a lovely and glorious appearance, one that is absolutely befitting notions of a traditional wedding ceremony, a white bridal gown, and a union meant to last a lifetime. With this ring, an otherwise inexpressible potential is caught up in a glittering sparkle that is almost too perfect to describe; fortunately, no words will be needed to explain it to anyone who sees it on her finger.2.61ct Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Classic Emerald Cut Diamond Solitaire Engagement Rings

Solitaire classic setting remains a popular aspect of today's emerald cut engagement rings, and are often combined with modern element of hidden halo to create wonderful, beautifully detailed piece of artistic elegance. Such engagement rings feature dazzling center stone nestled on a solid gold band allowing no distractions from the stunning shine of a diamond. This stylish and classic ring will leave anybody who sees it fondly reminiscing as to their own special day.2.31ct Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring