Commemorating Loved Ones

Losing a loved pet can be the hardest adjustment we make in life. Our pets are our family members that support us throughout life. They care for us, rely on us, and find pleasure in our company as we do theirs.

Respecting the grieving process is essential to recognizing the love our pets have shared with us. LifeGem is a company that has been there. They understand the love of our lost ones and make it their business to help us "embrace your loved one’s memory day by day".

LifeGem creates diamonds molecularly identical to natural diamonds and created individually from your specific carbon source such as ashes or a lock of hair.

At Mark Broumand we will help you customize any LifeGem in a setting of your choice. We understand how precious life is and your desire to remember your loved ones every day. We will walk side by side with you as you find the right setting to match your commemoration. We value high quality materials with customer service to match. Let us help you make the most of your loved ones memories.