2.43ct Antique Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Create Your Own Vintage Style Custom Diamond Engagement Rings

Do you love the unique and romantic look of a vintage style diamond engagement ring? You are in luck, since Mark Broumand has helped hundreds of couples create vintage style custom engagement rings which have also been gaining in popularity over the last several years. The term "vintage" technically describes jewelry that is older than 50 years old, yet newer than 100 years old. Jewelry that is truly over 100 years in age is considered to be antique.

Using this timeline, vintage style engagement rings will replicate the look of rings created between 1915 and 1964. What most people now consider "vintage style" will begin in the period known as the Art Deco Period (circa 1915-1935).

Characteristics Common in Vintage Diamond Engagement Rings

1. Diamond Cuts of the Time Period

The intriguing Asscher and the perfectly clear emerald cut diamond reached the apex of popularity during the Art Deco period. These cuts focused more on diamond's luster and clarity instead of the fire and brilliance of other diamonds.

Asscher and Emerald Cut Diamond | Mark Broumand

2. Halo of Diamonds

This ring setting earned its name because of the “halo” of smaller stones that decorate and accent the center gemstone. Some rings will use a different shape of halo than the stone cut and double or even triple halos can be used in your setting.

2.15ct Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring | Mark Broumand

2.43ct Antique Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring | Mark Broumand

2.57ct Old European Round Cut Diamond Engagement Ring | Mark Broumand

2.93ct Asscher Cut Diamond Engagement Ring | Mark Broumand

3. Milgrain and Filigree Details

Milgrain is a decorative beading style in metal. Filigree describes delicate, ornate patterns constructed from metals or metal wire. These special touches can be used on the shank, center basket or connectors.

Milgrain and Filigree Detail | Mark Broumand

4. Antique Cuts

Antique cut diamonds, such as the European round cut, old mine cut and antique cushion cut diamonds have larger facets with slower light scintillation. Many appreciate the more distinctive facet pattern and different light behavior found in antique cuts.

Antique Diamond Cuts | Mark Broumand

5. White Gold and Platinum

White gold and platinum gained popularity circa the 1920s. Seen as a "futuristic" metal, platinum use soared because the metal was very strong, therefore less had to be used to secure gems. It is not necessary that your ring vintage custom diamond engagement ring contains all of the above characteristics. These are listed here to give you an idea of the different elements often found in vintage jewelry that you can use in the design of your special ring.