Custom Engagement Ring Possibilities

Custom Engagement Ring Possibilities

Many jewelers allow you to select a center stone and ring setting, but you truly have endless design possibilities when you build a custom engagement ring with Mark Broumand. You can submit a text description, photograph or a drawing you did by hand. If you are in the Los Angeles area, you can meet with Mark personally. If out of town, Mark will personally contact you via phone or email within one business day to discuss your design. Here are just some of the options you have when Mark Broumand creates your truly custom piece.

Precious metals:

Custom Engagement Ring Precious Metals | Mark Broumand
The standard precious metals used in jewelry today include: platinum, white gold, yellow gold or rose gold. Rose and yellow golds can offer a complimentary accent to fancy colored diamonds or a bright contrast to white diamonds. Platinum and white gold can further brighten already very white diamonds or offer a bold contrast to accent gemstones. Two-tone or tri-tone metal use is also possible.

The diamond(s):

Diamond cuts for your custom engagement ring | Mark Broumand
You can select the size, color and clarity for the diamonds to use in your ring. For a diamond that showcases clarity, select an Asscher or emerald cut. Fancy shaped diamonds include the pear, heart shape, marquise or oval. Diamonds with brilliance as the main focus include the round cut, princess, radiant cut and cushions. For the vintage lover, select an antique round or cushion cut. All diamond cuts are available as white or fancy colored diamonds.

Ring setting:

Custom engagement ring settings | Mark Broumand
You may be crazy about the simplicity and elegance of a solitaire. To add a bit of flair, opt for an enhancer to compliment your solitaire or select a ring with accent stones on the shank. A sentimental and symbolic setting is the three-stone anniversary or engagement ring; symbolizing your past, present and future. A vintage option is the halo style engagement ring.

Unique additions:

Filigree is the delicate ornamental work of fine silver, gold, or other metal wires usually fashioned into scroll or curved shapes. Below, you can see filigree details added to the center basket and shank shoulders.

Filigree Details for your custom engagement ring | Mark Broumand
Milgrain (also millgrain) is a French word which translates to "a thousand grains". It is the delicate and intricate beading created in fine metals along the edges of different ring surfaces.

Milgrain detail for your custom engagement ring | Mark Broumand
If you need some inspirational ideas to get your design off the ground, browse through the hundreds of engagement rings and other fine jewelry that Mark has created in his custom design gallery. His customer testimonials also speak for themselves. If you can dream it, Mark Broumand can create it.