Custom Design Process Custom Jewelry Designing

Custom Design Process

Do you have a perfect jewelry idea that you would love to see come to life? You have probably wondered just where to start. What stones can you choose from? What are the differences in precious metals? How can you get the right size?

  • Try the following steps next time you are inspired to create a masterpiece:
  • 1. Gather ideas from the internet or in-person. Save pictures of the pieces you love to add to your idea. Or, write down the particular qualities you would like to incorporate in your design.
  • 2. Send your ideas in a Request For Quote to the design team at Mark Broumand. You will receive a phone call or email that will help us understand your design and materials needed. Here is where you can refine the details and be explicit with your concept.
  • 3. Your idea will be rendered in 3D quality and provided for your review. At this point, you will be able to see your model come to life and begin the final revision process. You can modify and perfect your creation by coordinating with our design team to get your perfect dream to life.
  • 4. A 3D wax casting of your design will be made. Once the 3D wax model is created, the jewelry will be cast according to your specifications of metal. While this is being done, you can select the quality and cut of any gemstones to be used.
  • 5. The design will then be photographed, the jewelry appraised by a G.I.A. specialist, issued a certificate of authenticity, and provided to you for your use.

You can be guaranteed your creation is made with the best of care with your interest at heart. The professionals at Mark Broumand are happy to assist you in meeting all your creative needs.