A woman in a bright yellow jacket is wearing stacked diamond eternity bands with different types of diamond settings.

Setting the Stage: Diamond Settings for Women's Eternity Bands

​​The choice of diamond settings in women's eternity bands shapes the overall character of these timeless symbols of commitment. Each setting imparts a distinct personality to the ring, influencing not only its visual appeal but also its comfort, durability, and symbolism.

At Mark Broumand, we have perfected the art of diamond settings in women's eternity bands. From prong to pave, uncover the settings that enhance the brilliance and beauty of each precious stone. Contact us today, and let us help you find the ring of your dreams within your budget range.

A woman in a bright yellow jacket is wearing stacked diamond eternity bands with different types of diamond settings.

Channel-Set Diamonds Illuminate Eternity Bands

Symbolizing a timeless expression of love, the channel setting is a popular choice for women's eternity bands. In this sophisticated arrangement, diamonds are seamlessly nestled between two parallel metal walls, forming a continuous and unbroken circle of brilliance.

The channel setting ensures a sleek aesthetic and provides a secure environment for each diamond. This setting allows the diamonds to sit flush with the band, creating a smooth and comfortable feel for daily wear.

The uniform alignment of diamonds in the channel setting results in a captivating display of sparkle; it symbolizes the unending commitment within a relationship. The clean lines and refined simplicity of the channel-set diamond eternity band make it a classic choice.

A woman wears a channel-set diamond eternity ring in gold with a gold diamond ring.

The Allure of Pavé Setting in Women's Eternity Bands

Small diamonds are meticulously set close together and secured by delicate prongs, creating a surface that appears to be paved with a continuous shimmer of diamonds. This setting maximizes the sparkle of each stone and also imparts a sense of luxury.

The pavé setting adds a touch of romance and femininity to women's eternity bands, making it a captivating symbol of enduring love. The fine detailing and exquisite artistry of the pavé setting make it a favorite among those who appreciate the finer things in life. It beautifully captures the essence of eternal commitment with a touch of glamor.

Whether worn alone or paired with an engagement ring, the pavé-set diamond eternity band is a timeless choice that sparkles with a radiant and enduring beauty.

Fancy yellow pavé-set diamond eternity band.

Women's Eternity Bands in the Embrace of Prong Setting

Diamonds are held in place with delicate metal prongs, allowing an abundance of light to grace each stone and accentuate their natural sparkle. This setting emphasizes the individual beauty of each diamond and provides a sense of openness, allowing the stones to shine.

The prong setting's simplicity and versatility makes it a popular choice, seamlessly complementing various styles. Whether adorning a slender band or adding a touch of sophistication to a more elaborate design, the prong diamond setting for women's eternity band stands as an enduring symbol of love.

A channel-set diamond eternity ring in yellow gold and a prong-set diamond eternity ring in gold are placed on a mirror.

U-Prong Setting

In this setting, diamonds are gently cradled by prongs shaped like the letter "U," creating a captivating display of understated elegance. The open design of the u-prong setting allows more light to permeate through the diamonds, enhancing their brilliance.

A woman wearing a soft white long-sleeve and burgundy nail polish wears multiple u-prong set diamond eternity rings.

Bezel-Set Diamonds in Women's Eternity Bands

This type of setting stands as a protective embrace for an everlasting symbol of love. Diamonds are encircled by a continuous metal rim, creating a modern appearance. The bezel adds a touch of contemporary elegance and ensures the security of each precious gem.

The bezel setting provides an extra layer of protection to the diamonds while offering a comfortable fit for everyday wear. Bezel diamond settings for women's eternity bands exude a refined simplicity that resonates with those who appreciate both style and durability.

A woman is wearing a bezel diamond set eternity ring in yellow gold on her index finger.

Milgrain-Set Eternity Bands for Women

Embracing the essence of vintage charm and intricate detailing, the milgrain setting is characterized by tiny beaded edges. This setting delicately frames each diamond, adding a touch of timeless elegance to the band. The meticulous craftsmanship creates a subtle texture, evoking a sense of romance.

The detailing enhances the visual appeal of the eternity band and imparts a refined character. This setting exudes a sense of craftsmanship, making it an ideal choice for those who appreciate the fusion of classic design elements with the enduring symbolism of eternal love. The milgrain diamond setting eternity band is a testament to the artistry and craftsmanship that transcends time.

A woman stacks a custom black diamond eternity band with a milgrain setting with different rings.

Flush Setting Elevates Women's Diamond Eternity Rings

In this setting, diamonds are meticulously nestled into the band, their tables positioned flush with the surface, creating a seamless appearance. The flush setting offers a low-profile design that is easy to wear daily and imparts a sense of understated sophistication. The diamonds appear to effortlessly merge with the metal, providing a sleek and uninterrupted circle of sparkle.

This setting is not only visually appealing but also practical, minimizing the risk of snagging while maintaining a polished and refined aesthetic. The flush-setting diamond eternity band is a symbol of contemporary romance. It offers a perfect blend of style, comfort, and enduring beauty in a design that seamlessly integrates diamonds into the fabric of commitment.

An eternity ring with round diamonds in a flush setting on top with clean line breaks in between them. The front and back of the band feature a row of diamonds in a pavé setting.We'll Help You Find the Right Diamond Setting for Your Eternity Band

Embarking on the journey to find the perfect diamond setting for your eternity band is a personal experience, and we're here to guide you every step of the way. At Mark Broumand, we understand that the right setting goes beyond aesthetics; it's about encapsulating the essence of your love story.

Whether you envision the contemporary allure of a channel setting or the romantic brilliance of pavé, we'll help you discover the setting that resonates with your style and sentiment. Contact us or visit us today and share your unique vision of the perfect setting for a women's diamond eternity band.