5.49ct Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Emerald Cut Diamond Rings

The rectangular shape and vintage look of Emerald Cut diamond rings show off a subtle sophistication and luster desired by many. The Emerald Cut was standardized in the 1940s during the Art Deco Period. The distinctive look of this stone makes it a very popular choice among antique jewelry fans.

The Emerald Cut diamond was originally created for use in Emeralds to maximize the sparkle and brilliance of the gemstone. An Emerald Cut will have a very large table (top flat area) of the stone and therefore, requires a very high quality stone. Since the table is large, flaws and imperfections will be readily visible upon visual inspection. A rough stone that does contain blemishes may be created so that the flaws occur within the shorter ends or corners of the stone where they can be hidden beneath the facets.

The number of facets in Emerald Cut diamond rings will range between 50 and 58. These facets are created by step-cuts, or trap cuts that are long and narrow. The ideal length-to-width ratio of the Emerald Cut diamond is approximately 1.4 to 1, or a range of length between 1.3 and 1.5. These rectangular diamonds have sharp points that are vulnerable to chipping or breakage. Since the corners are intact, approximately 80% of a rough stone is retained as the finished stone.

This cut is an excellent choice for larger stones, since the large facets effectively reflect light back through the top of the diamond. Though this stone does not possess the “sparkle” of many other diamonds, the cut maximizes a diamond’s color, luster and clarity. Most Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Rings will be set with the center stone parallel to the finger. For a unique twist, some center diamonds may be set perpendicular to the finger. Since this rectangular beauty is so bold as a center stone, the diamond will look captivating in a three-stone setting or accented with side stones. An Emerald Cut Diamond is also striking when set as a solitaire.

Emerald cut diamond rings are highly sought after for their unique and vintage style. The Emerald Cut diamond ring exudes sophistication and elegance for anyone wearing it. Visit Mark Broumand to find the perfect Emerald Cut Diamond engagement, right-hand or anniversary ring hand-selected for their high-quality and beauty.