Everything You Need To Know About Anniversary Bands

Everything You Need To Know About Anniversary Bands

Celebrating an important milestone by gifting your special someone a gorgeous piece of jewelry always feels amazing. Anniversaries are an excellent occasion to show your significant other how much they mean to you. An anniversary band is a beautiful way of symbolizing the love between you and a reaffirmation of your vows.

When To Get An Anniversary Band

There are traditional gifts for every anniversary; year one is dedicated to paper, the gift for year five is wood. However, as times change, so have the gifts we give our significant others on these special days. There is never a wrong time to surprise your partner with a dazzling piece of jewelry and an anniversary band is a beautiful and meaningful choice for any year.

An Update To Your Style

If your style and preferences have changed since your wedding, an anniversary band can be a great way to update your engagement ring stack. You can wear your original wedding band with your new ring for an updated stacked look, or you can swap it out for your new band whenever you want. Anniversary bands can be any style; an amazing eternity band, a dainty solid band, or even a custom band to update and complement their engagement ring.

How To Wear An Anniversary Band

When it comes to styling, anniversary bands have no rules. They can be worn as an additional piece to add to your engagement ring stack, on their own, or with any other rings that you love. There is also no rule as to which finger anniversary bands are worn on. You can wear them on your ring finger, or any finger on either hand.