1.93ct Fancy Yellow Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Fancy Yellow Cushion Cut Diamond Rings

The hand that wears a fancy yellow cushion cut diamond engagement ring will showcase a fiery and brilliant diamond with a mesmerizing facet pattern and color. The shape is often described as a hybrid of a rectangle and oval or a cross between a modern cut and old mine cut. The old mine cut had 58 facets while the modern cushion touts 64 facets. This rare cut's larger facets highlight the diamond’s clarity and the increases the stone’s inner fire.

1.93ct Fancy Yellow Cushion Cut Engagement Ring

1.93ct Fancy Yellow Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring
This exceptionally beautiful fancy yellow cushion cut diamond ring has such an elegant combination! The stunning center stone is EGL certified (one of the leaders in diamond grading) at Fancy Yellow-VS2. It has a gorgeous canary yellow color and is perfectly eye clean! It is flanked by two princesses on its sides. The ring is made on high polish white gold with a magnificent 18K yellow gold center basket that is hand engraved to perfection! Simple, elegant and exceptionally beautiful in every way! A unique piece you will treasure forever!

While less brilliant than the truly beautiful round brilliant cut diamond engagement rings, cushions often render a more intense fire than other modern shapes. Cushion cuts generally display one of three fundamental facet patterns which can create varied appearances. The shape of the stone can also vary between diamonds; some will have more rounded edges while others have edges that are more linear. A cushion with larger facets will create broad flashes of fire. Smaller facets result in more precise bursts of fire often referred to as “pinfire”.

2.31ct Fancy Yellow Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

2.31ct Fancy Yellow Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring | Mark Broumand
This absolutely mesmerizing fancy yellow cushion cut ring features an amazing center diamond in a very dainty and beautiful design! The 1.56ct cushion cut poised in the center is GIA certified at Fancy Yellow SI1. It has a very rich, vibrant, and pure fancy yellow color and it is very clear both by the naked eye as well as 10X magnification. The cut is magnificently beautiful, and it sparkles tremendously! It is accented by a halo of round brilliants and a row of rounds set down the shank in a micropavé setting. All you see is sparkle with very little metal showing. It is gorgeous! The center basket in made in high polish 18k yellow gold and hand engraved to perfection! The connectors are studded with round brilliants as well for an added touch of brilliance. Gorgeous from every angle!

Mark Broumand has hand selected many stunning pieces for his cushion cut engagement ring collection. This diamond is amazing in any setting. This ring is ideal for a lady that desires a popular and classic style in a recognizable cut. Cushion cut engagement rings are beautiful and rare finds.