Fancy Yellow Diamond Engagement Rings in any Cut You Desire

Fancy Yellow Diamond Engagement Rings in any Cut You Desire

Fancy color diamond engagement rings are valued due to the unique color they possess, most often found in yellow. Fancy colored diamonds are assessed based on three particular characteristics of color: hue, tone and saturation. Once the assessments are completed, then the colored diamonds are provided a grade on the actual color scale, with descriptions such as “fancy light” and “fancy intense”. Fancy yellow diamonds are naturally created by high temperatures and pressure applied to carbon atoms over millions of years; the yellow color is created when nitrogen is introduced into the formation process.

The classic and romantic heart shaped engagement ring features a stone which is a modified round brilliant cut diamond fashioned to honor the universal symbol of love. It is crucial that each half of the heart stone you select is identical to the other and overall symmetry will be of great importance visually. The ideal weight of a heart shaped diamond should be greater than .50 carat since the outline of shape will be harder to perceive in a smaller stone. If you choose the heart shaped diamond for an engagement ring or anniversary ring, keep in mind that the larger stones will require a four-prong setting.

A bold and sophisticated oval cut diamond engagement ring showcases a stone that is a modification of the round brilliant cut diamond; both cuts being created by a family of jewelers dating back to the early 1800s. The oval was created in the late 1950s by Lazare Kaplan, whose cousin, Marcel Tolkowsky is the father of the modern round brilliant cut diamond. Your oval will typically have 58 facets, inclusive of the table (large flat top facet) and culet (lowest pavilion facet). An ideal length-to-width ratio of the finished stone will be between 1.33:1 and 1.66:1. Individual taste should prevail when choosing a slender or full-bodied oval shape.

There are typically 70 facets and angled corners in the fiery radiant cut diamond. The larger number of facets can help to conceal inclusions, flaws, dark areas and shadows. The inherent brilliance can make a high-quality stone appear to have better color than the same diamond with a different cut. The radiant maximizes color, making it an excellent choice for fancy colored diamond rings.