Get to know the history of the valuable pink diamond

Get to know the history of the valuable pink diamond

Diamonds are made of pure carbon, and many people have come to believe that the most valuable are the perfectly colorless or white diamonds. But the fact is that pink diamonds can be 10 to 100 times more valuable than colorless ones, especially if the pink diamonds are flawless and highly graded.

Understanding the allure of the pink diamond

What makes a pink diamond so valuable is not just its beauty, but its rarity. Pink diamonds have always been rare, and they are becoming more so every year.

Every year, only a few dozen quality pink diamonds are mined. Of all the colored diamonds or fancies, the pink diamond makes up 0.03 percent of all the diamonds mined in the world. So far, the highest price paid for a pink diamond was nearly $18 million paid for a 8.41 carat pink diamond with just a tinge of purple.

Interesting facts worth learning

Pink diamonds are always referred to as "she," possibly because they're pink! The largest known pink diamond is the Sea of Light or Darya-i-Noor, which is the great jewel among the crown jewels of Iran.

She weighs 182 carats, is very pale pink and is in fact one of the largest cut diamonds on earth. She was found in the same mine as the more famous Koh-i-noor, or Mountain of Light.

The next largest pink diamond is the Eye of Light, which weighs 60 carats and was set into the tiara worn by the Empress of Iran during her 1959 wedding to the Shah.

Most of the pink diamonds found today are quite small. That's because the forces that bring diamonds from the depths of the earth to the surface are powerful enough to shatter them into smaller and smaller pieces, even though diamond is the hardest natural substance known on earth.

Pink Diamonds: The Color!

The color of a pink diamond is due to twists in the otherwise very stable lattice of a diamond. This twisting causes light to bounce around the lattice and come out in shades of pink.

Collectors crave pink diamonds with rich hues, which are called Fancy Vivids. They range from lovely cherry blossom pinks, which are favored in Japan, to the extremely rare red diamond. The most valued pink diamond is strong in hue, saturation and tone and even a tiny one can sell for a great deal of money.

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