Heart Shaped Diamond Jewelry

Give Her a Heart Shaped Engagement Ring When You Give Her Your Heart

Heart shaped engagement rings are some of the most romantic diamonds, and also some of the most sought after and brilliant diamonds in the world. This is because of how the diamond is cut, and the magnificent sparkle. It is a modified stone that is magnificent and brilliantly cut, with no less than 59 facets. Its degree of brilliance and fire makes it's shine and exquisite sparkle sought after as an engagement ring.

For this reason it is one of the most popular and elegant settings that can be found in engagement and wedding rings. The tip of the diamond is often very delicate and jewelers take extra care in setting it. The best settings are those that allow the brilliance of diamonds to shine.

Heart Shaped Diamond Jewelry | Mark BroumandThe Bezel setting is good for smaller stones, as is the prong setting. The side stone setting takes a brilliant center diamond and surrounds it with sapphires or rubies. The three stone cut symbolizes the past, present, and future of the couple.

Custom rings are also a wonderful remembrance and keepsake, as well as an unforgettable symbol of love and romance. Many choose to specially design a heart shaped engagement ring through designers and jewelers. Many jewelers have custom galleries for those interested in creating their own rings to get ideas.

Many also offer the option of selecting the diamond and hand selecting the setting, or bringing a special design. Consumers choose the shape, carat, color and clarity of the diamond. Unique settings are then chosen to create a truly unique, one of a kind signature piece, whose unique qualities and unspoken clarity will continue to shine for years to come. No matter if consumers design their own rings, or specially design a uniquely cut, nothing is as romantic as a one of a kind masterpiece, and nothing is as romantic as a heart shaped diamond engagement ring.