1.56ct Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Hip to Be Square - The Emerald Cut Diamond Ring

The Emerald Cut diamond ring offers a subtle simplicity and casual elegance that can take on a vintage or contemporary look. This cut was originally created for use with emeralds to maximize the brilliance and color of the lovely green stones. The emerald shape was standardized in the 1940s and is a popular choice among fans of antique jewelry or the Art Deco period.

An emerald cut is rectangular in shape with an octagonal outline and mitered corners, since sharp corner points in diamonds are vulnerable to getting chipped. If you desire a truly square-shaped diamond that has the corners intact, check out the princess cut diamond rings in Mark Broumand's collection. Since an emerald cut diamond ring will have a very large table and a shallow cut, a stone with high quality clarity will be desired since imperfections will be very apparent through the large top facet. A rough stone with imperfections near the shorter sides of the stone can be hidden in the step cut facets used in the ends.

5.05ct Fancy Light Brown Green Yellow Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

The facet work of an emerald cut diamond utilizes long and narrow step-cuts creating rectilinear facets that run parallel to the girdle of the stone. The number of facets will vary between 50 and 58. The ideal length to width ratio of the emerald cut diamond is 1.4:1 or a range between 1.3 and 1.5:1. An emerald cut diamond is favored by diamond cutters since approximately 80% of the rough crystal is retained; this shape is also perfect for handling larger stones. The large facets of this diamond are effective in reflecting the light back through the diamond, thereby increasing its brightness. This profile emphasizes a diamond’s natural clarity, color and luster.

Since a center stone that is an emerald cut is so bold, this ring will look incredible not only as a solitaire; but also in halo settings (for a vintage look) or also in a three-stone or side stone setting. Emerald cut rings often set the center stone to run parallel to the finger. A more rectangular stone will slim and elongate the finger. To give this traditional ring a unique look, a center emerald cut stone can be set to run parallel to the band.

1.56ct Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring | Mark Broumand

Emerald cut diamond rings are highly desired if you are looking for a ring that represents vintage style. If you desire a bold and sophisticated diamond ring in a rectilinear shape, then this style of ring is the perfect piece of jewelry to consider. Browse Mark Broumand’s diamond ring portfolio to choose from several sizes and styles of emerald cut diamond rings that are sure to be treasured.