How Custom Jewelry is Created - Custom Design

How Custom Jewelry is Created

Depending on the type of custom jewelry you order, our highly skilled master jewelers will either delicately hand-carve a master wax model, or they can use the latest CAD technology to design every detail in 3D. The 3D model is then loaded into a wax printer and a perfect wax model of the ring is created.

How Custom Jewelry is Created - Custom Design | Mark Broumand

At this point we also prepare the diamonds and gems needed to complete the piece, double checking each stone for quality and ensuring they all they all match perfectly in size and quality.

The wax ring models are arranged and ready to be mounted onto a spruce tree, where each are individually hand-soldered.

At this point we weight the spruce tree to determine the amount of gold or platinum needed to create a casting.

A plaster-like material called investment is poured around the spruce tree to create a mold for casting. While in the mold, the wax rings are baked at 1350°, causing the wax to evaporate away while leaving an impression in the casting material. This process is called lost wax casting.

Next we heat Gold to 1400° and then poured into the flask under a vacuum, filling the small cavities left by the wax spruce tree.

When casting Platinum, the metal is melted at 3272°, and then the flask is spun at high velocity in a centrifuge to extract water and to properly distribute the casting material over the wax rings.

The flask is quenched in water to dissolve the investment molding, which allows the spruce tree to be removed. The tree is then cleaned, deoxidized and ready for cutting.

Each casting is individually cut from the tree by hand in preparation for the finishing touch where the rings are magnetically tumbled with stainless steel shots to brighten the metal and burnish the rings to a high sheen.

Next, experienced jewelers individually hand-sand each Mark Broumand piece to a smooth finish. Before gemstones are added to the ring, the jeweler carefully hand-cleans and polishes the gold.

Now that the piece is beautifully polished and finished, our master jewelers individually hand-set the diamonds into the new setting.

The final step is our unmatched quality control. Every aspect of your piece is carefully inspected under 10X magnification to assure the beauty and lasting quality of your ring. This is part of the Mark Broumand Experience - 110% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.

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