A woman holds a pear-shaped diamond engagement ring with a diamond that looks bigger.

How to Make Your Diamond Look Bigger

With creativity and ingenuity, you can make your diamond look bigger. A diamond's cut and the ring design are key factors in achieving this effect. The diamond's cut impacts how light interacts with the stone, thus influencing its perceived size. Also, a well-cut diamond maximizes its sparkle and can make it appear larger than its actual carat weight.

Furthermore, certain design details, such as a halo setting or a thin diamond engagement band, can create the desired illusion. Master jewelers offer more brilliant tips on how to make your diamond look bigger.

Choose a Halo Setting

A halo setting surrounds the central stone with a ring of smaller diamonds. This design creates the illusion of a bigger center diamond because the additional diamonds reflect light and increase the overall brilliance.

The halo of smaller stones can make the center diamond appear up to half a carat larger than it actually is. Additionally, the contrast between the central diamond and the halo accentuates the main stone's presence.

The multi-layered design of these custom diamond stud earrings with a double halo effectively extends the perceived size of the central diamond. The surrounding halos create a dazzling frame.

Opt for a Thin Wedding Ring

Thin wedding bands focus the viewer's attention on the diamond, making it look proportionally bigger in comparison. This effect is particularly noticeable because a delicate, narrow band provides minimal distraction, allowing the diamond to dominate the visual field.

Additionally, a slim and simple wedding band can enhance the ring's overall appearance, further accentuating the central diamond. This design choice is especially effective with solitaire settings, where the simplicity of the band highlights the diamond's size.

Consider the Diamond's Cut

A diamond's cut impacts its appearance and can make it look larger by maximizing its light performance. When a diamond is expertly cut with precise proportions, angles, and symmetry, it reflects light better, creating a dazzling sparkle.

A well-cut diamond will have greater brightness, fire, and scintillation, which can make it appear more prominent than a poorly cut diamond of the same carat weight. Cuts such as the round brilliant or the princess cut are very effective at optimizing light reflection.

Use a High Prong Setting

This setting lifts the diamond higher above the engagement ring band, allowing an unobstructed flow of light to pass through the stone from multiple angles. The elevated position creates a striking silhouette, making the diamond the focal point.

This lofty perch accentuates the diamond's facets, drawing admiring gazes. The high prong setting, with its airy design, makes the gemstone appear larger than its carat weight alone would suggest.

This engagement ring perfectly exemplifies how a high prong setting can make the central diamond appear bigger. Nestled in a sublime four prong halo design, the diamond is highlighted by delicate round brilliant cut diamonds adorning the shank in a micro pavé setting.

Consider a Bezel Setting

The bezel setting diamond ring has a thin metal rim encircling the diamond, which can make the stone's surface area seem more expansive. The continuous edge of the bezel setting draws the eye outward, enhancing the stone's overall presence.

This setting style creates a modern look that highlights the diamond's size. The bezel's sleek frame highlights the diamond's proportions, creating a bold effect that can make the diamond seem larger to the observer.

Choose a White Metal Band

Precious metals such as platinum and white gold have neutral, light-reflecting surfaces that blend seamlessly with the diamond, creating a continuous visual flow. This contrast makes the diamond stand out better, as the bright, reflective quality of the white metal amplifies the stone's shine.

Additionally, the cool tone of white metal can make the diamond's color appear whiter and more vibrant. By minimizing color contrast and maximizing light reflection, a white metal band can make the diamond appear more impressive.

Add Side Stones

Smaller gems, meticulously set on either side of the main diamond, create a captivating cascade of brilliance that draws the eye along the band, enlarging the visual footprint of the centerpiece.

The interplay of light between the side stones and the central diamond amplifies the overall sparkle. This harmonious arrangement not only adds depth to the design but also creates a seamless transition that emphasizes the central diamond.

Clean Your Diamond Regularly

Over time, diamonds can accumulate dirt, oil, and other residues that dull their shine and reduce their ability to reflect light. By keeping your diamonds clean, you ensure that they reflect light optimally, showcasing their true fire. This enhanced sparkle creates a visual impression of greater size. A well-maintained diamond catches the eye and appears more vibrant.

We Can Help Make Your Diamond Look Bigger

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