Keeping Your Jewelry Clean

Keeping Your Jewelry Clean

You have hand picked all of your jewelry, and each piece is special and loved. However, if you notice that your diamonds don’t have the same shine that they did when you purchased them, it may be time for a cleaning. With regular wear, your diamonds may develop a build up of oils from your hands. Additionally, things like lotions, makeup and other products that come into contact with your skin may stick to your jewelry and dull its’ shine.

Careful Cleanings

It is important to treat all your fine jewelry as fragile and this definitely extends to cleaning practices. It is always best to use jeweler recommended methods to avoid any damage to your items. At Mark Broumand, we offer lifetime free cleanings on all of our pieces. We recommend visiting our LA showroom to allow us to get your jewelry looking shiny and beautiful again. Give us a call to schedule an appointment or stop by anytime during our regular business hours. If you can’t visit us in person, we are happy to arrange a shipment for you for a small fee.

Don’t Use Hacks

Staying away from improper at-home cleaning can be vital to maintaining the integrity of your collection. While diamonds are very hard stones, abrasive materials and even household cleaning solutions can scratch or damage your gold or platinum settings easily and leave your pieces looking worse for wear. A polishing cloth is the preferred material of jewelers when your items just need a bit of wiping down. These are very easy and inexpensive to purchase; try keeping one with your jewelry box for a quick clean.

When To Remove Your Jewelry

While you may live in your jewelry, taking your pieces off during activities like exercising, cooking and baking, or even when applying lotions or makeup can make a difference in keeping your rings, bracelets or even earrings free from build up of dirt and oils. While these activities will typically not harm your items, it may greatly extend the time between needed cleanings or refinishing. We recommend that you have your ring checked for any needed refinishing about every two years. We offer a refinishing service on our pieces for a small fee, including prong tightening, metal refinishing, and of course a great cleaning to ensure your jewelry is looking its’ best.

If you are ever unsure as to the best way to clean your jewelry, consult your jeweler.Keeping your jewelry lustrous and clean will ensure it is beautiful for many years to come.