Our Favorite Wedding Ring Stacks

Our Favorite Wedding Ring Stacks

We love stacked ring looks, and nothing is more special than a wedding ring stack. Most people are familiar with the idea of starting with an engagement ring and adding a band on your wedding day. However, more and more brides are adding additional rings to their look. A ring stack allows for more versatility in your everyday arrangement as well as a more personalized look.

A Little History on Bands

Wearing your engagement and wedding bands on your fourth finger dates back to Ancient Rome, where they believed there was a vein that ran directly from the fourth finger to the heart. While this is not anatomically correct, the tradition has held on and developed over time. Stacking an additional band for anniversary milestones and special occasions has become increasingly popular. Many brides decide to add a band to add a more fashionable twist to their stack.





How to Wear Your Stacking Rings

When it comes to how to stack your rings, there are no rules! Most traditionally, the rings are stacked on the fourth finger, however we see many different arrangements these days. You can choose to wear a band on a different finger or even on your right hand. The same goes for choosing the designs of the rings in your stack; the options are endless. When choosing your stacking rings, it is important to consider how they will fit against each other as well as against your engagement ring. If your ring does not allow for a flush fit, you can still wear them with a little space in between. You may consider something that hugs the shape of your diamond, like a custom shadow band.



For those who want a bold statement look, an icy eternity band adds a big wow factor. Try playing with the placement of a couple styles to see what you like. Finding a couple bands that you love no matter what arrangement they are in gives you the flexibility to change up your day to day look.



Whether you choose a dainty band or a more bold statement piece, stacking a few rings with your engagement ring or wedding band adds a special touch that is uniquely you.