3.58ct Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

The bride-to-be that receives a princess cut diamond engagement ring will be in love with the clean lines of this beautiful diamond. Second in popularity only to the round brilliant cut diamond engagement ring, the Princess offers clean symmetry without sacrificing brilliance. A relatively new cut from the 1960s, your Princess will be square or rectangular with 58 facets cut in such a way that it will sparkle unlike other square shaped stones.

The crown, or top section of the diamond is fashioned with a round shape and the bottom, or pavilion is shaped into a cone. When viewing the diamond set from the side, the shape resembles an inverted pyramid. The Princess Cut Diamond is a favorite amongst diamond cutters since much of the rough crystal is retained. Since the corners of this stone are not chipped away, as in a round brilliant; approximately 80% of a healthy rough stone will be present in a finished Princess Cut diamond. The only vulnerability is the delicate corners of the stone, which should be protected with prongs to avoid breakage or chipping.

2.51ct Princess Cut Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring
3.58ct Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Rings | Mark Broumand

Though this stone has brilliance like the round cut, the facet patterns are completely different. An addition of between 3 and 5 facet patterns on the underside of the stone (pavilion) creates a crushed-ice look or more of a chunky mosaic when viewed from the top looking down. As you can see from the four stones on the page, each has a unique look from the other. The Princess Cut diamond engagement ring will look incredible as a solitaire, three-stone setting or with accent stones. To combine contemporary with vintage, take a look at Princess Halo Engagement Rings.

4.70ct Antique Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Choose a Princess if your fiancée likes modern symmetrical lines and complimentary brilliance with the added benefit of a larger stone for the price per carat. Mark Broumand has carefully inspected many diamond engagement rings to showcase in his collection and has custom designed just as many, such as the one shown above and at the top left. A Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring from Mark Broumand will surely take her breath away.