If you’re running short on proposal ideas or don’t know what engagement ring to buy, consider connecting with Mark Broumand. We can help you plan your perfect moment.

Proposal Rings and Ideas: Planning the Perfect Moment

You’ve been with your partner for a while now. Finally, the time’s arrived: you’re going to propose. Congratulations! Now you need to get all of the pieces to create the perfect proposal in place. Fortunately, you don’t have to set up the ideal proposal alone. Mark Broumand and team can help you plan the perfect moment.

We’re ready to help you explore the engagement ring options that can set your proposal apart from the rest. Once you have the ring you want, we can even inspire you to take your proposal to new and especially-romantic heights. Read on to learn more about the kind of ring you can buy for your partner as well as the proposals that can start your marriage off right.

Finding an Engagement Ring for Your Partner

Before you can kick off the perfect proposal, you’ll want to make sure you have the perfect ring to share with your partner. Today’s selection of engagement rings is vast and varied, with some of the most popular cuts including the following:

You have the opportunity to customize not only the cut of your partner’s ring but the metal setting and overall appearance. Mark Broumand, for example, boasts a selection of unique rings but allows you to customize your engagement band. 

If you’re unsure where to start when choosing your partner’s engagement ring, consider having a conversation with them about the kind of ring they want. You can still keep the overall look of a ring a surprise while crafting the band to suit your partner’s aesthetic preferences and lifestyle.

Remember the Four “C”s

You can also compare and contrast the diamond engagement bands available on the market today based on the GIA’s four “C”s. These “C”s can help determine the value of the diamond on your partner’s band. 

The four “C”s include the following:

  • Diamond clarity
  • Diamond cut
  • Diamond color
  • Diamond carat

If you’re not sure how to evaluate these features on today’s diamonds, you can connect with a Mark Broumand consultantl. Someone who regularly handles diamonds can help you determine each “C”’s impact on the look and cost of a diamond. You, in turn, can determine which of the “C”s is most important to the look of your loved one’s engagement ring.

Making Proposal Plans Ahead of Time

Once you have your partner’s engagement ring picked out, it’s time to plan your perfect moment. Before you get started, consider what kind of proposal you think your partner might like. Does your partner want a public engagement? Consider taking them back to the place you went on your first date.

Is your partner more private? Consider finding a beautiful but secluded location, like a local park, to conduct your proposal. 

The most important thing you can do when planning a proposal is center it around your partner’s wants and wishes. This may seem obvious, but in their excitement to get engaged, many proposers may plan overstated proposals that proposees don’t enjoy. If you can put yourself in your partner’s shoes, you can more readily prepare a proposal that you know they’ll love.

Call on Friends, Family, and Experienced Professionals

You don’t have to plan a loved one’s proposal on your own! Consider meeting your loved one’s friends and family to set up the perfect proposal. Friends and loved ones can help you choose the best location for a proposal and even provide set pieces, including pictures of the two of you or other personal objects.

What’s more, you can even get professionals in on the proposal planning process. Professional picnic planners, for example, can help you arrange a private date in a beautiful setting. Photographers, too, can help you plan your engagement and get professional-quality pictures of your special moment.

Traditional Versus Non-Traditional: Asking the Parents

Today’s modern couples often forgo traditional proposal elements in favor of updated or spontaneous proposals. That said, you have to consider how your loved one’s parents or guardians may feel if you leave them out of the proposal process. 

Some more modern families may not have any stipulations about you proceeding with a proposal without their consent. Other families, however, may be deeply offended if you leave them out of the planning process. Sometimes, the proposee may even be disappointed to discover that you didn’t ask their parents before getting down on one knee.

With that in mind, feel out your to-be in-laws and determine how best to proceed. No matter how perfect your proposal may be otherwise, disgruntled in-laws can upset your entire day.

Setting the Scene

Last but not least, get prepared for the big day! Do what you can to keep the day a surprise, but make sure you keep in touch with any friends, family, or professionals you’ve involved in the proposal process. If you can, make sure you encourage your partner to wear an outfit they love, do their hair, or even get their nails done in advance.

Even if you feel like some of these suggestions might give away the game, setting your loved one up for a gorgeous proposal ensures that your day-of pictures more accurately reflect the beauty of your love.

Mark Broumand Is Ready to Help You Get Engaged

The days leading up to a proposal can feel like some of the most vibrant and exciting ones of your life. You don’t have to let the planning part of the process get away from you. If you need help choosing a ring that your partner will love, you can turn to Mark Broumand and team. We host a substantial catalog of diamond rings for you to explore.

You can find the ring of your partner’s dreams on our website today. That said, Mark Broumand also makes it easy for you to custom-design a ring for your soon-to-be fiance. Come and explore our design gallery to add a personal touch to the ring representing your eternal love.