Woman wearing oval and emerald cut wedding bands.

What Is the Purpose of an Eternity Ring

An eternity ring is a symbol of everlasting love and commitment. Traditionally gifted during wedding ceremonies or anniversaries to renew wedding vows, the circular band with gems represents eternal love that has no beginning and no end.

At Mark Broumand, we take pride in our craftsmanship and dedication to creating unique eternity bands with a purpose. All our pieces are designed and executed to reflect the magical bond shared by couples. We can translate your unique connection into a breathtaking piece of jewelry like no other.

A diamond eternity ring sparkles in a woman's hand.

The Symbolic Beauty of Eternity Bands

An eternity ring's unbroken loop represents the unending nature of commitment. The circle, in its seamless unity, mirrors the completeness of a loving relationship. Without gaps or breaks, the eternity band becomes a tangible emblem of the unbreakable connection, resilience, and solidarity that characterize the enduring commitment between partners.

The eternity ring stands as a testament to the infinite nature of love. It reinforces the idea that, much like the continuous circle, the strength of the bond knows no limits.

The Meaning Behind the Choice of Precious Metals for Eternity Rings

The choice of metal for eternity rings plays a crucial role in their overall aesthetic appeal, durability, and value. Precious metals such as platinum and gold are often favored for their elegance and endurance.


One of the most popular and sought-after metals for eternity rings is platinum, known for its exceptional strength, lustrous appearance, and resistance. This precious metal provides a stunning backdrop for diamonds and gemstones, allowing their brilliance to shine through.

Eternity rings in platinum carry a sense of enduring prestige and unmatched quality. The metal's resilience mirrors the strength of the commitment it symbolizes.

A woman wearing a three-row asscher cut diamond platinum eternity band on her left hand is enjoying her coffee.

Yellow Gold

As a traditional choice, yellow gold is associated with warmth, richness, and prosperity. Its sunny hue evokes feelings of joy, optimism, and abundance. In the context of eternity rings, yellow gold represents enduring love and a connection to tradition.

Yellow gold eternity rings often exude a classic charm, making them a popular choice for those who appreciate a more traditional aesthetic. The warm glow of yellow gold beautifully complements diamonds and gemstones, enhancing their brilliance and creating a striking contrast.

A woman wears different types of yellow diamond eternity rings in yellow gold.

White Gold

White gold, with its radiant appearance, symbolizes purity, clarity, and the untarnished beauty of a committed relationship. The unbroken circle of the eternity ring, set in white gold, exudes a sense of modern sophistication. The choice of this precious metal creates a harmonious blend of tradition and contemporary style.

Emerald cut diamond eternity band in white gold

Rose Gold

The warm pinkish hue of rose gold makes it a popular choice for eternity rings because it evokes sentiments of romance, affection, and devotion. The precious metal setting enhances the beauty of the gemstones while its soft pink tone expresses feelings of intimacy for your significant other.

A rose gold eternity ring becomes a poetic manifestation of love, where the delicate color mirrors the tenderness and warmth found in a deep relationship.

Asscher cut diamond eternity band in rose gold

Stones of Significance: Gem Choices for Eternity Bands

The choice of stones for eternity rings allows for personalization and expression of individual style. While diamonds are the most popular option due to their timeless elegance and exceptional durability, other gemstones can also be incorporated to add a touch of color and personal meaning.


Diamonds, known for their unparalleled hardness and dazzling sparkle, symbolize the unbreakable bond between two individuals. The diamond eternity ring is a tangible expression of everlasting love and commitment.

As one of the rarest colors, black diamonds showcase a sophisticated simplicity that represents the depth of a solid marriage bond. Their jet-black hue evokes darkness and mystery, referencing the unknown adventures married couples may face together through the years.

By selecting a black diamond eternity ring, you demonstrate your commitment to overcoming obstacles and facing whatever the future holds as a united front.

A woman pairs a custom black diamond eternity band with different rings.

Pink Sapphires

These ethereal gems are associated with love, romance, and compassion. Their delicate and feminine hue evokes feelings of tenderness, affection, and emotional connection. The soft color symbolizes the nurturing aspects of love, making them an ideal choice for expressing deep adoration.

Pink sapphires are also believed to promote harmony and emotional balance within relationships, fostering a sense of understanding between partners. A pink sapphire eternity ring becomes a powerful representation of tender emotions and a magical connection filled with compassion.

A woman wears two emerald cut pink sapphire eternity bands in rose gold.


Emeralds are believed to have a healing and calming energy that promotes harmony in relationships. Their vibrant green represents the eternal renewal of love between partners. The deep color of emeralds arranged in a continuous band reflects the never-ending cycle of growth in marriage.

An emerald eternity ring symbolizes the continuous growth, good fortune, and evergreen nature of a couple's strong bond and commitment to each other.

Round cut green emerald eternity band

Choosing the Right Eternity Ring for Your Occasion

If you are wondering when an eternity ring should be given, the occasions are as diverse as the sentiments it represents. Traditionally, eternity rings are exchanged on significant milestones such as anniversaries, symbolizing the continuous journey of love over the years.

The beauty of eternity rings lies in their versatility, allowing for the celebration of any significant occasion, such as:

  • The birth of a child
  • Graduation
  • Career achievements
  • Birthdays

Anniversary rings celebrating years of marriage may feature more gems to represent each year together. Meanwhile, milestone birthdays may call for delicate gold bands paired with birthstones.

When selecting a ring, it's important to choose a style that matches the significance of the occasion. Take the time to choose an eternity band as uniquely meaningful as your relationship.

The Meaningful Radiance of Mark Broumand's Eternity Bands

While standard anniversary bands serve as a reminder of the relationship's longevity, eternity rings take it a step further by hinting at a love that transcends time. The unending circle is a promise of affection without limits.

At Mark Broumand, we understand that each piece tells a unique story. Whether it's a representation of an everlasting bond or a celebration of a milestone, we ensure that each eternity ring has a personalized touch that defines your relationship. Contact us today to explore our jewelry collection that blends artistry with emotion.