5.03ct round brilliant cut diamond engagement ring

Round Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

5.45ct Round Brilliant Cut Loose Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring | Mark Broumand

The most popular engagement rings on the market today are round brilliant cut diamond rings. There is such a high demand for these beauties that 80% of loose diamonds are round brilliants. The modern round brilliant was standardized in the early 1900s by Marcel Tolkowsky, who hailed from several generations of well-known jewelers. Tolkowsky’s work led to a standardized set of proportions, depths, angles and cuts to enhance the natural qualities of a rough diamond. The result is a 58-facet round that is incredibly brilliant, with amazing color, fire and energy.

5.03ct round brilliant cut diamond engagement ring | Mark Broumand
5.03ct round brilliant cut diamond engagement ring

A century of light theory, math and optics studies led to the visual masterpiece that is the modern round brilliant. The table was enlarged to be 53% of overall width or larger and the crown was not as deep. Crown facets were arranged in a repetitive pattern of three different facets: star, bezel and upper half. The pavilion and the lower-half facets were elongated over time. The angles of both the crown and pavilion were not as steep. The lowest point of a diamond, or culet was reduced in size. All of these changes created a more “splintery” light refraction whereas older round cuts had more of a “checkerboard” or chunky black and white refraction of light.

If you are looking for a unique variation of the round, the Antique European round cut has large facets and amazing light scintillation. It is the predecessor to the modern round brilliant cut. Antique cuts also have 58 facets, but the table is smaller and the crown is steeper. The diamond has an open culet (lowest point of the diamond profile) and the pavilion is shorter. Though similar to a contemporary round brilliant cut diamond, light is refracted differently. Light that enters the stone gets captured within the diamond and reflects off the larger culet. This enhances the inner fire of the stone in more of a distinctive black-and-white pattern whereas the light refracted in modern round is more splintered and brilliant.

2.71ct round brilliant cut diamond engagement ring | Mark Broumand
2.71ct round brilliant cut diamond engagement ring

With all the possibilities for round brilliants available, you can rest assured that Mark Broumand has chosen only the highest quality rings to lend his name to. You can find round cut engagement rings of different carat weights and in a variety of solitaire, halo, three-stone and side stone ring settings. Mark can also custom design the perfect round cut diamond ring to your specifications.