Select a New Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Select a New Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

The cushion cut diamond engagement ring is a timeless, rare and unique option when looking for a ring that has classic elegance with modern appeal. Though many believe this to be a more modern cut, it is a cut that over a century ago held the popularity that the round brilliant cut diamond engagement ring enjoys today. It is often described as a hybrid of a rectangle and oval, partially squared and partially round and resembles the different shapes of a pillow. Stones can have a more rounded shape with squared off corners or a more squared shape, with gently curved corners. Your personal taste should always dictate the shape preference of your diamond.

1.66ct Cushion Cut Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring


1.66ct Old Mine Cut Diamond Engagement Ring


This cushion cut diamond solitaire is an outstanding value, featuring a 1.59ct gem which is GIA certified at VS1 clarity. It is eye clean and faces up white. The magnificent cut accentuates the large, clear and open facets that the cushion cut is known for. The high polish 18k white gold solitaire setting allows for this magnificent cushion cut diamond to shine through. Enjoy the existing setting or we can use this diamond in any custom designed setting of your choice as well.

Cushion cut diamonds have larger facets that can often shine with a more intense fire than other cuts. The effective facets of the cushion cut are often selected as one of the choice cuts for use in fancy colored diamond engagement rings, as seen in the gorgeous halo style ring seen below.

2.04ct Fancy Light Yellow Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring


This exquisite piece features a very popular halo ring style that showcases a gorgeous 1.50ct cushion cut diamond in the center. The cushion is GIA certified at Fancy Yellow in color with a much desired clarity of VS1. The vibrant fancy yellow color is amplified by its practically flawless clarity. Bright, white round brilliant cut diamonds accentuate the top and side of the halo. Additionally, micropavé set round brilliants adorn the shank. This engagement ring also showcases a handcrafted, custom engraved center basket.


If you enjoy the optical performance and facet pattern of the cushion cut with a more vintage profile, look into the sophisticated antique cushion cut diamond engagement rings in the Mark Broumand's Fine Jewelry Collection. If you have a dream ring in mind, Mark can also help to bring your ideas to life with his custom design services.

2.55ct Cushion Cut Diamond Halo Tiffany & Co Engagement Ring


2.55ct Cushion Cut Diamond Tiffany and Co Engagement Ring | Mark Broumand
The mesmerizing 2.13ct cushion cut center diamond is GIA certified at H-VS1 and this gorgeous halo style engagement ring with a shank adorned with the sparkly diamonds beautifully. The center stone is white and very clear. The beautiful center diamond is accented by a double halo of round brilliant cut diamonds all in a micropavé setting. This setting style showcases the diamonds with minimal metal showing and has a classic elegance that will surely be cherished for a lifetime.