0.62ct Emerald Cut Diamond Stud Earrings

Our Top Picks | Favorite Diamond Earrings Under $1,500

At Mark Broumand, we strive to offer some of the best values in the jewelry trade. For a fine jewelry purchase to truly count as a value, it can't simply be affordable, it needs to also be of exceptional quality. With that in mind we picked three diamond earrings below as this month's favorites for under $1,500.

0.43ct Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Triangle Dangle Earrings in 14k Yellow Gold

0.43ct Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Triangle Earrings in Yellow Gold

This is a stunning pair of diamond dangle earrings where dazzling round brilliant cut diamonds are set all over gorgeous design executed in yellow gold. The dainty diamond hoops seamlessly turn into the dangling diamond triangles creating unprecedented flow on your ears and adding uniqueness to your style. 


List Price $2,020.00
Your Price $1,010.00

0.62ct Emerald Cut Diamond Stud Earrings


0.62ct Emerald Cut Diamond Mosaic Stud Earrings

This set of emerald cut mosaic stud earrings is stunningly gorgeous, the design is very impressive and unique. We used incredibly radiant white diamonds to make the design eye catching and suitable for any occasion.


List Price $2,590.00
Your Price $1,496.00

0.35ct Round Cut Diamond Hoop Earrings in 14k Rose Gold


0.35ct Round Brilliant Cut Hoop earring in Rose Gold

These diamond hoop earrings are definitely captivating, the round brilliant cut diamonds shining on them are mesmerizing. The design is very elegant and feminine, you can wear these earrings at all times from casual to red carpet.


List Price $2,320.00
Your Price $1,160.00