Asscher Cut Engagement Rings

Stand Apart From The Rest With An Asscher Cut Engagement Ring

An Asscher cut engagement is slightly less common than others. Its unique and beautiful qualities make for a gorgeous diamond engagement ring. Asscher cut engagement rings have shown up recently in film and on celebrities, like Zooey Deschanel and Jessica Alba, which has increased their popularity.

This cut of diamond features a stair-step cut, unlike the cut of a round (brilliant cut) diamond. It is a little easier to see imperfections in this type of diamond. From above, they look a tiny bit smaller than other kinds of diamonds. They make up for it, however, in depth and sparkle. Diamond engagement rings are made to catch the eye.

The shape of an Asscher cut diamond is square, with angled edges. It is cut like an emerald cut diamond, only square. Asscher cut engagement rings might feature the diamond alone, or with other stones. These other stones are typically diamonds.

Asscher Cut Engagement Rings | Mark Broumand

An engagement ring design often aims to create a piece that is unique. The Asscher cut engagement ring is unique due to its vintage appeal. Weddings are often filled with the latest and most innovative designs, which can be exciting. There is something graceful and pleasing about a design reminiscent of times past, though.

A visit to a jeweler will give you a better look at Asscher cut engagement rings. By trying on a variety of them, brides will see which they like best. It is good to keep an open mind before going. Asscher cut diamonds look striking in person, so designs seen online or in magazines will look even better on the finger. The setting of the diamond will also affect its appearance and wear ability.

Asscher cut diamond engagement rings have become popular in recent years, for good reason. Their classic charm pleases the eye and looks romantic. Try one on to its beauty for yourself.