Stunning Gift - Pear Shaped Diamond Engagement Rings

Stunning Gift - Pear Shaped Diamond Engagement Rings

The pear shaped diamond engagement ring is a timeless classic. The unique shape, also referred to as the teardrop cut is an elegant fusion of the stars of the brilliant round cut diamond ring and the elegantly formed marquise cut diamond engagement ring. One end will be beautifully circular in profile and will taper to a fine, delicate point on the other.

3.11ct Pear Shaped Engagement Ring

3.11ct Pear Shaped Diamond Engagement Ring | Mark Broumand
The 0.90ct pear shaped diamond in the center of this stunning halo ring setting is GIA certified at E-SI2. The silhouette of this teardrop is quite pleasing and the cut exudes great inner fire and sparkle. The almost one carat center stone is set in an 18k white gold micropavé setting. There is a row of round brilliants surrounding the main stone and a row that extends down the shank. For added detail, very fine filigree embellishes the open basket. The standard way to wear the Pear is with the tapered end pointing towards the end of the finger. The longer length of this cut creates an overall slimming and elongating effect on the hand. This cut was first created in the 1400s and went through centuries of changes to become the brilliantly evolved diamond that it is today.

1.40ct Teardrop Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

1.40ct Pear Shaped Diamond Engagement Ring | Mark Broumand
Bathe in compliments with this teardrop cut diamond ring on your finger. The exquisite designer setting showcases a 2.51ct pear shaped stone, AGS certified at H-SI2. The lovely pear faces up very white with good clarity. The two-and-a-half carat center stone is wrapped in a halo of micropavé rounds. A split shank branches off the halo with more brilliant rounds cascading down just past halfway on this 18k white gold setting. This masterpiece will remain forever timeless.

Your pear shaped diamond may be longer and narrow or shorter in length with a rounder end. Personal preference reigns when selecting the type of pear shape that you desire. You will want to select a stone that is symmetrical when viewing the left and right halves and the fine point should align with the center of the rounded end. The sharp point should be set with a prong or protected within a bevel setting. All edges of the diamond should be smooth and free of rough edges.

There are many settings and styles available in pear shaped diamond engagement rings at Mark Broumand. The Pear Shaped diamond is very popular in a vintage style halo setting this year. Mark can also create the perfect pear shaped diamond engagement ring to match your specific taste.