5.65ct Asscher Cut Diamond Two-Row Eternity Band

The Elegant Asscher Cut Diamond Ring

The Asscher Cut Diamond Ring is a study in linear beauty. The square- shaped, 58-facet Asscher is a series of step or trap cuts that run parallel to the widest point of the diamond, known as the girdle. It is this style of cutting that creates a mirrored windmill effect when looking at the diamond from the top. In the last decade, the Asscher has become increasingly popular as many celebrities received this timeless classic as a promise of love. This ring’s revival is no surprise, since it is a unique appreciation of the beauty of vintage jewelry from the Art Deco period of the 1920s and 1930s. Today, it is highly coveted among antique jewelry dealer simply as aged pieces or for repairs to otherwise intact vintage jewelry pieces.

Much like an emerald cut, the Asscher cut highlights the clarity and color of the stone as opposed to the fire or sparkle in some diamonds, such as a radiant cut or round brilliant cut diamond. The “hall of mirrors maze” effect of the cut draws the eye visually down into the diamond. There are hallmark patterns that distinguish this profile from simply being a square emerald cut. Designed in 1902 by Joseph Asscher, it was the first patented diamond cut. Original diamonds of the time are harder to find, since many of these original stones were later cut down into more brilliant gems.

6.21ct fancy light yellow asscher cut diamond engagement ring | Mark Broumand
6.21ct fancy light yellow asscher cut diamond engagement ring

The Asscher shines in a solitaire setting, surrounded by accent stones in a halo setting or accented with side stones. This stone is remarkable as an engagement ring, anniversary ring or right-hand ring. Though will find many intriguing Mark Broumand jewelry pieces, the Asscher cut diamond rings in Mark’s collection really showcase the beauty of this diamond.

5.65ct Asscher Cut Diamond Two-Row Eternity Band | Mark Broumand

You can find an Asscher Cut Diamond Ring in a variety of popular and elegant white or fancy yellow diamond engagement ring settings and eternity bands. If you do not find the perfect ring for your beloved, remember that Mark Broumand can custom design an Asccher cut diamond ring that will steal her heart.