The Finer Details for Your Custom Diamond Engagement Ring

The Finer Details for Your Custom Diamond Engagement Ring

One of the best reasons to create your custom diamond engagement ring with Mark Broumand? Complete customization. You do not have to select from an inventory of stones that fit into a pre-defined group of ring settings. You can select any diamond size and cut and choose many other options to make your custom engagement ring unique.

Here are some detail ideas for your custom engagement ring from Mark Broumand:

1. Milgrain

Milgrain is decorative beading that can be added to any part of the ring. Most often, it is used on the shank (band) or the center basket.

Milgrain Detail on Custom Designed Engagement Ring | Mark Broumand

2. Filigree

Filigree describes ornamental designs using existing metal of the ring or additional metal wiring to create the desired design.

Filigree Detail on Shank Custom Ring | Mark Broumand

3. Mixed Metals

Many people opt for different metals for pieces of the ring. It is possible to have a white gold shank and a center basket made from yellow or rose gold. The rings below add yellow gold accents to white gold and platinum.

Two Tone Diamond Engagement Rings | Mark Broumand

4. Engraving
Engraving can be used to add special decorative details to elements such as the shank or center basket.

Custom Engraved Band Detail | Mark Broumand

5. Shank

Since a center stone is held in a basket and fastened to the band with connectors, it is more than one single piece of metal and is therefore a shank. In addition to the metal selection, you can select the shape, width and design of the shank desired.

Shank Details on Custom Diamond Engagement Ring | Mark Broumand

6. Center basket

The center basket holds the large, center stone in place. The center basket is fastened to the shank with connectors, which can also be adorned with milgrain, filigree or jewels.

Detailed Center Basket in a Custom Engagement Ring | Mark Broumand

The process of creating a custom diamond engagement ring with Mark Broumand is simple, affordable and enjoyable. For inspiration, you can browse a gallery of incredible jewelry creations from Mark. When you are ready to design your engagement ring, simply click here to start the custom design process.