2.60ct Oval and Baguette Cut Diamond Right-Hand Ring Side View

The Gift of an Oval Cut Diamond Ring

To receive an oval diamond ring is a gift that will surely be treasured and admired. This 58 facet, modified brilliant cut diamond has a large surface area that is full of sparkle and brilliance. Standardized in the 1960s by Lazare Kaplan, today's oval cut originated over 200 years ago. Ovals are not only durable and brilliant, but are one of the best value choices when considering a stone's cost-per-carat.

A desired length-to-width proportion of the completed stone will be somewhere around 1.33:1 and 1.66:1. All ovals will have some level of an inner shadow, known as the "bowtie effect". Shoppers often make the mistake of trying to find a stone without this natural effect at all. A small measure of bowtie is a charming characteristic of the oval cut. You will most often see this more pronounced effect in stones with an excessively deep or shallow stone height. A thinner width also tends to lend to this effect. Visual investigation of the stone is the most ideal approach to assess the level of bowtie effect within a particular stone.

2.60ct Oval and Baguette Cut Diamond Right-Hand Ring Side View | Mark Broumand

An oval cut's magnificence is heightened when situated in a three-stone setting, set with side stones on the shank or accented by a halo of diamonds. The elliptical shape creates an elongating or thinning look when worn on the finger. Ovals have a much larger surface area than different diamond cuts of the same carat weight. This will make your oval cut visually appear larger than other shapess of the same carat weight. If your special lady desires a larger stone and you are both on a budget, the oval is definitely a diamond cut to consider. Another similarly shaped and affordable option is the striking pear shaped diamond ring.

3.07ct Fancy Yellow Oval Cut Diamond Ring GIA Certified Side View | Mark Broumand

Each oval cut diamond ring in Mark Broumand's portfolio was selected for it's elegance, beauty and high-quality. Mark has also created hundreds of custom designed oval cut diamond rings as gifts, right-hand rings or engagement rings. When searching for diamond rings or other oval cut diamond jewelry, Mark Broumand is the only fine jewelry store that you will need.