The Most Popular  Settings for Engagement Rings Today

The Most Popular Settings for Engagement Rings Today

One of the most important parts of an engagement is the ring. An engagement ring symbolizes never-ending love and commitment. Therefore, it is vital that you choose a ring that best fits your personality as well as your lifestyle. You will find that you have many choices when it comes to cut, clarity and the number of carats in the diamond. However, you must not overlook the importance of choosing the right setting for your diamond.

Settings for Solitaires

If you choose a ring with one diamond, you will need a solitaire setting. A classic choice is the prong setting, which features raised prongs to hold the diamond in place. Similarly, a cathedral setting combines a prong setting with raised arches for a formal look. If you have an active lifestyle, you may prefer a lower setting that will not easily snag, such as the bezel setting, which encircles the entire diamond.



Settings for Multiple Diamonds

However, if you prefer the sophistication of multiple diamonds, a different type of setting may be perfect for you. One of the most popular settings today is the halo setting, which features a large central diamond surrounded by multiple smaller diamonds. A three-stone setting is another option that is typically used to depict the past, present and future of a loving relationship.

Once again, if you are a very active person, you may prefer a simple channel setting. Finally, a pave setting is often chosen for its ability to reflect a great deal of light and typically features a lower central diamond with many smaller diamonds set close together down either side of the band.





Choosing Your Perfect Setting

With so many options for engagement ring settings, you may wonder how you can choose the type that you will be happy with for years to come. You should always consider your lifestyle to help you determine how high your diamond can be raised. Most importantly, however, you need to find a setting that matches your unique style. Whether you prefer something simple or ornate, there are plenty of options, allowing you to find the perfect engagement ring to suit you!