1.96ct Halo Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

The Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

The round brilliant diamond engagement ring showcases a diamond that forever changed the jewelry industry with its beauty and brilliance. In 1920, Marcel Tolkowsky authored a scientific publication, "Diamond Design" which became the diamond cutting bible in North America. Though formally educated as a physicist and mathematician, diamonds were in his blood. Tolkowsky hailed from a family of diamond cutters from Antwerp, Belgium.

Diamond Cut Chart from Mark Broumand

By studying angles and light theory, Tolkowsky deduced that angles that were too deep or shallow would allow light rays or "shine" to escape through the bottom or sides of the diamond. He calculated the best angles to maximize brilliance and optimize light reflection. This is why modern rounds are so brilliant, and why the shape is often selected as accent stones and use in pavé settings. Here are some of our favorites from Mark Broumand's collection of round cut diamond rings.

5.45ct Round Brilliant Cut Loose Diamond Solitaire

5.45ct Round Brilliant Cut Loose Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring | Mark BroumandThis beautiful 5.45ct Round brilliant is GIA certified as G-VVS2; it is exceptionally white and practically flawless. It has a triple excellent rating for cut, polish and symmetry. The ring is shown in a platinum solitaire , but can be custom design in any setting you desire.

1.96ct Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

1.96ct Halo Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Engagement Ring | Mark BroumandThis exceptional 1.01ct center stone is GIA certified at H-VVS1. More beautiful round cut diamonds surround the solitaire in a bright halo and the round diamonds extend down the criss-cross split-shank. It is brilliant from every angle.

2.27ct Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Three Stone Engagement or Anniversary Ring

The center round brilliant is 1.72ct and is certified by GIA at G-IF, perfectly white and internally flawless. It is flanked by two .55ct tw pear diamonds, certified at G-VS1. The pears in this ring are very white and eye-clean. The ring is set in platinum, which gives it added sparkle.

2.71ct Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Side Stone Engagement Ring

This 2.11ct circular brilliant set in the center is EGL certified at K-SI1. The color is warm and it is eye clean. The wider shank is accented with prong-set baguette cut diamonds that are delicately set between two rows of round diamonds that are pavé set on each side.

These are just four examples of why round brilliant cut diamond engagement rings are the most popular. Mark Broumand has an incredible selection of brilliant round cut diamond engagement rings as solitaires, in a halo setting, dazzling as a three-stone ring or perfectly accented with side stones.