The Slimming and Radiant Oval Cut Engagement Ring

The Slimming and Radiant Oval Cut Engagement Ring

The slimming and radiant oval cut diamond engagement ring showcases a fancy cut diamond which belongs to the modified brilliant category. This classification describes shaped diamonds that are crafted from a round brilliant cut foundation, utilizing the same facet pattern and maximizing brilliance. The pear shaped, heart shaped and the marquise cut engagement rings are also modified round brilliant cuts.


2.31ct Oval Cut Diamond Engagement Ring


Lazare Kaplan introduced the world to the modern oval cut diamond in the late 1950s, most likely inspired by his impressive family legacy. Kaplan's cousin was Marcel Tolkowsky, the creator of the round brilliant cut diamond which forever changed the jewelry world in 1919. Both cousins proudly hailed from a lineage of master jewelers and diamantaires, dating back to the early 1800s. Even with the early fame and success of the family, their incredible craftsmanship did not stop there. As of 2009, some Tolkowsky are representative of the 7th generation of master jewelers.


3.38ct Oval Cut Diamond Engagement Ring


The length-to-width ratio of an oval will span a range of approximately 1.33:1 to 1.66:1. A lesser ratio will present a fuller and rounder shape and a greater ratio will form a longer and more slender oval. The preference in proportions is completely subjective and as with any diamond, should be selected based on what is most visually pleasing. Marquise cuts, pears and ovals lend a slimming effect to the hand and visual elongation of the ring finger.


3.57ct Oval Cut Diamond engagement Ring

The shape, large table (top facet) and relatively shallow stone depth also offers a visibly larger diamond with a lower price tag per carat than other cuts with a taller profile. An oval cut engagement ring is an ideal option for those that desire the fire and brilliance of a round cut diamond without being tied to the shape or price tag. Mark Broumand’s collection of oval cut diamond engagement rings represents a vast array of sizes, colors, styles and settings to match every taste. This incredibly versatile diamond easily transverses time between vintage era and contemporary chic and will work well as a diamond engagement ring, right hand ring or anniversary ring.