2.10ct Pear Shaped Diamond Anniversary Ring

The Teardrop Cut: Pear Shaped Diamond Rings

Women are seeking out the beautiful and unique pear shaped diamond rings as engagement rings, eternity bands and right-hand rings. Also known as the "teardrop cut", the pear’s 58 facets offer a unique combination of brilliance and fire. A pear shaped is a half round brilliant at the bottom of the stone and tapering to a half marquise at the top. The stone is pointed at one end and rounded on the other, hence the name.

2.50ct Three-Stone Teardrop Cut Diamond Ring

2.50ct Three Stone Pear Shaped Diamond Ring Side View | Mark Broumand

The magnificent two carat pear shaped star set in the center is GIA certified at D-SI2. The center stone is perfectly white and incredibly brilliant. The cut is exceptional and in this setting, the center stone looks like a three carat diamond. It is accented perfectly by two smaller pears. The setting is made of platinum and is custom made to fit each diamond perfectly. This three-stone ring will be cherished as an anniversary ring or engagement ring.

The 58 facets in this shape allow for a similar brilliance to a round brilliant. Look for perfect symmetry when selecting your pear shaped diamond. The tapered point should align with the center of the rounded end of the diamond. The left and right sides should be identical to each other. The profile of the stone should be smooth and straight.

2.10ct Pear Shaped Diamond Engagement Ring

2.10ct Pear Shaped Diamond Anniversary Ring | Mark Broumand

The 1.20ct pear set in the center is of this halo ring setting is GIA certified at G-VS2. It is perfectly white and clear. The cut is exceptionally beautiful as well. It is accented by exceptionally white and clear round diamonds in a pave setting. The setting is made in high polish platinum and has a vintage era look of romance that shines from it.

There are a large variety of settings and styles available for pear shaped diamond rings from Mark Broumand. If you are a fan of the teardrop cut, another piece of jewelry to consider is a stunning pear shaped diamond eternity band. The Pear Shaped diamond is perfect as an engagement ring or anniversary ring. Mark can also customize any Pear Shaped diamond ring to match your specific taste. Regardless of the type of pear shaped diamond ring you need, Mark Broumand has it or can design it for you.