How Millennials Are Creating New Engagement Traditions

The Tradition of Engagement Rings

The view of marriage is growing organically in modern times. During a more classic era, engagements became the talk of society. They reflected a coming of age and readiness for business. The modern definition of marriage is evolving to include age, gender, and new societal statements.

How Millennials Are Creating New Engagement Traditions | Mark Broumand

What has not changed is that engagement rings themselves are seen as a devotion and commitment to love. These rings symbolize our heartfelt interest in committing to new paths. Engagement rings are often used as jewelry family heirlooms being passed down in tradition. They are commonly worn by the matriarchs of the family. They are given during times of proposal or anniversary occasions. It has become common for families to use their creativity to design new heirlooms or redefine the ones they own. Modern settings for rings include colored stones, the ever-popular Emerald Cut, and redesigning antique settings.

There are many options for planning your own engagement and the style in which you choose to do so. You can start with an heirloom setting and add new stones and colors or even create an organic design to reflect your unique relationship. By working with experienced designers, such as Mark Broumand you can assure your individuality is reflected as a gift of love to last for generations. Become inspired and be prepared. May love, light, and an abundance of years be yours!