7.70ct Radiant Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Understanding How White Gold and Platinum Are Different

Whether you're getting engaged, a collector of fine jewelry or just routinely involved with investing in high-end custom jewelry, you may benefit from learning more about the differences between white gold and platinum. Though the two metals look fairly similar, the natural white color of the platinum will never fade. With time, the white gold rhodium plating can fade and give way to the slightly yellowish tinge of white gold. In order to regain that white allure again, the gold would have to be rhodium plated every so often, depending on wear and tear. 

At Mark Broumand we have a great collection of diamond engagement rings skillfully crafted out of both Platinum and 18K White Gold.

3.76ct Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring in Platinum


3.76ct Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring


Differences in Structural Integrity

Rhodium is able to give the bright gold alloy appearance because it shares many of the same properties as platinum. The natural color of white gold is actually closer to light grey. To keep the white color from fading, most jewelers recommend replacing the rhodium plating every 12 to 18 months. Unlike white gold, which is an alloy composed of several metals, platinum is often 95 percent pure when it's used in jewelry. When you invest in an engagement ring with the perfect stone, you’ll want to ensure that the metal in the ring is everlasting as well.

2.34ct Pear Shaped Diamond Engagement Ring in 18K White Gold


2.34ct Pear Shaped Diamond Engagement Ring


Differences in Quality

Platinum is denser than white gold, so these types of rings typically feel heavier than those made with white gold. Excluding the cost of the actual diamond, platinum and white gold rings have a price difference, with platinum being slightly more expensive than white gold. However, once white gold has been plated with rhodium, it's nearly indiscernible from platinum by sight.

7.70ct Radiant Cut Diamond Engagement Ring in Platinum


7.70ct Radiant Cut Diamond Engagement Ring


In its natural form, platinum’s color tends to be a little whiter than white gold when they are compared with one another. Because platinum maintains its white color well after years of wear and tear, you may decide it could be the right choice for you. Although platinum is most commonly used in women's engagement rings and couples’ wedding rings, it is a much rarer metal than white gold. Ladies with platinum engagement rings are more likely to follow suit with an investment in a platinum wedding ring as well. Due to its higher retail value, platinum is seldom used on dress rings, and it's even more rare to find on necklaces, bracelets, pendants and earrings.

4.22 Round Brilliant Cut Sapphire and Diamond Engagement Ring in 18K White Gold


4.22ct Round Brilliant Cut Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring