1.84ct Ashoka Cut Diamond Engagement Ring from Mark Broumand

Vintage Elegance - Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

Emerald cut diamond engagement rings are sleek, elegant and unique. Enjoying a boom in popularity during the Art Deco era, the open presentation and clean lines of this cut still enjoys a modern day following. The stone will be rectangular in shape with angled corners. The facets are fashioned like stair-steps on the pavilion, or underside of the stone. The large table (flat, top facet) is open and this cut requires an incredibly clear stone since any flaws would become quite apparent in this shape, designed to maximize the luster of a clear, white diamond.

Here are some of Mark Broumand's gorgeous Emerald Cut Engagement rings, carefully selected for their beauty and quality.

1.84ct Ashoka Diamond Engagement Ring

1.84ct Ashoka Cut Diamond Engagement Ring from Mark Broumand
Truly rare and beautiful, this exquisite Ashoka diamond is part of the rectangular emerald family. This patented shape from William Goldberg features 62 beautiful facets that crisscross inside this incredible stone. The 1.52ct center gem is GIA certified at G-VS2, very white and perfectly clear. Not only is it clear and elegant, it possesses incredible brilliance. The diamond is set in a one-of-a-kind Northeast to Southwest setting featuring .32 cts of round brilliant cuts pavé set on the top and sides of this intense platinum center basket. The unique angle of the ring setting and high-polish platinum compliments this incredible stone perfectly. This ring will be admired for a lifetime and envied by many.

2.60ct Solitaire Engagement Ring

2.60ct Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Solitaire Engagement Ring | Mark Broumand
Sometimes simplicity is the best option for the most beautiful things and is certainly the case with this emerald cut solitaire engagement ring. The amazingly clear and elegant 2.60ct beauty that is featured is certified by GIA at L-VVS2. The over two-and-a-half carat center stone has an incredible cut that shines brightly and highlights its nice white color. The clarity is very high quality being nearly flawless. It is set in a flattering 14k white gold solitaire setting, but could easily be set in any custom design setting of your choice. Enjoy the classic minimalism of this emerald cut engagement ring.

These are two rings that were chosen to show you the beauty of this linear cut and the luster of the diamond's clarity. If you desire a square or rectangular ring that highlights brilliance, have a look at the sparkling and fiery radiant cut diamond engagement rings from Mark Broumand. If the Emerald cut diamond is for you, it will dazzle in any ring setting and any precious metal.