1.70ct Oval Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

What Cut is Best in an Engagement Ring?

"The best diamond cut in an engagement ring reflects you and your partner and what you will want to wear on your hand for years to come. At Mark Broumand, we offer several different styles and shapes for you to choose from. You’ll browse through our selection with ease as you turn through the pages of our large selection of engagement rings.

3.41ct Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Anniversary Ring Angle View | Mark BroumandRound Brilliant Cuts are a very popular choice because they incorporate a combination of clarity, color and carat weight. They became very popular through the century due to the fact that gemstone cutters were always trying to make the perfect round diamond. Over years of perfection, the round brilliant came to be.

1.50ct princess cut diamond engagement ring | Mark Broumand 1.50ct princess cut diamond engagement ring

Another very popular choice for an engagement ring is the Princess Cut. The Princess has sharp, uncut, bold corners which allows the shine and sparkle to reflect from the diamond brilliantly. Mark Broumand's Princess Engagement Rings come in modern, antique, and the timeless and classic signature diamond solitaire styles which will make choosing the best one very easy.

1.70ct Oval Cut Diamond Engagement Ring | Mark BroumandOval diamonds are based “upon the facet configurations of the round brilliant.” The surface area is much larger than a round brilliant with the same carat weight. This allows customers to select a larger sized diamond for the same price. The oval also lengthens the appearance of the hand due to the unique and elongated shape.

We also carry several other cuts, including: emerald, heart shaped, Asscher, marquise, pear, and cushion cuts. All are beautiful, unique, and competitively priced and ready for you to take home."