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What Is a Cushion Cut Diamond?

The cushion cut diamond is characterized by a square or rectangular shape with softly rounded corners. This classic cut features a symmetrical arrangement of facets that enhances its brilliance. Its versatility allows it to shine bright in different styles of rings, making it a great choice for those seeking a blend of tradition and modernity.

At Mark Broumand, we like to blend the timeless allure of the cushion cut diamond with contemporary design sensibilities, creating unique jewelry pieces. Our collection of rings showcases the versatility of the cushion cut diamond in a myriad of options.

Whether you prefer a classic, understated look or a bold, avant-garde statement piece, the cushion cut diamond adapts effortlessly. With our meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail, we ensure that each piece exudes refinement. Call us today, and we will help you find a cushion cut diamond engagement ring that reflects your true self.

The Old-New Classic

As one of the oldest diamond cuts and shapes, the cushion cut diamond boasts a rich and illustrious history that spans centuries. If you are interested in diamond history or love to explore modern styles, the cushion-cut diamond might be an ideal choice for you.

Often referred to as the old-new classic, the cushion cut diamond is deeply rooted in history while branching out to capture the imagination of modern admirers. Its journey from the illustrious old mine cut to the refined cushion cut showcases a remarkable evolution in diamond cutting.

The Old Mine Cut

The modern cushion cut diamond evolved from an early form of brilliant cut known as the old mine cut. Originating in the 1700s, this cut was the predominant choice until the late 19th century. Its name, old mine cut, pays homage to the diamond mines in Brazil, where it was used to optimize the retention of carat weight for the rough crystals abundant in the area.

After the diamond mines in India began to dry up, Brazil became the next main diamond mining hub. However, following the discovery of diamond deposits in South Africa, the mines in Brazil were labeled as the "old mines," thus cementing the name of this type of cut.

The old mine cut is characterized by a symmetrical shape with soft corners and a high crown. Each facet, meticulously handcrafted by skilled artisans, captures and reflects light in a mesmerizing display, imparting a warm glow to the stone.

Characteristics of a Cushion Cut Diamond

Renowned for its romantic allure and versatile appeal, this classic diamond cut has captured the hearts of jewelry connoisseurs for centuries.

The name "cushion" aptly describes its appearance, reminiscent of a plush pillow inviting you to sink into luxurious comfort. Each facet is meticulously crafted to enhance its brilliance and fire, creating a mesmerizing interplay of light and shadow.

The symmetrical placement of facets ensures a balanced reflection of light. Additionally, the symmetry of the cut enhances the diamond's overall appeal, with perfectly aligned corners and facets contributing to its aesthetic charm.

The Versatility of Cushion Cut Diamond in Women's Engagement Rings

From traditional solitaire settings to elaborate halo designs, the cushion cut diamond seamlessly adapts to various settings, allowing brides-to-be to express their personal aesthetic.

Whether paired with sleek platinum, warm yellow gold, or trendy rose gold bands, the cushion cut diamond exudes sophistication. It continues to be a beloved choice for those seeking a blend of tradition and modernity in their engagement ring.

Solitaire Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

With its striking simplicity, this classic showcases the mesmerizing beauty of the cushion cut diamond in all its glory. The main stone, typically set in a traditional four-prong setting, takes center stage. The gently rounded corners and symmetrical facets create a harmonious silhouette that exudes a sense of refinement.

This solitaire cushion cut diamond engagement band features a fancy light yellow diamond. The gem is gracefully embraced by a hidden halo adorned with diamonds, accentuating its radiance. Set upon a meticulously polished yellow gold band, every detail of this ring exudes elegance.

Cushion cut fancy light yellow diamond engagement ring on a white background.

Halo Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

At its core lies a dazzling cushion cut diamond, surrounded by a halo of smaller diamonds that amplify its glow. This exquisite design adds depth to the center stone and creates a captivating contrast that draws the eye. The rounded corners of the cushion cut diamond harmonize perfectly with the delicate halo.

Halo cushion cut diamond engagement ring on a white background.

Three-Stone Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

At the middle of this band gleams a magnificent yellow diamond flanked by two smaller stones on either side. Each stone represents a unique chapter in your love story, from cherished memories to the promise of a shared future. The cushion cut diamond, with its romantic allure, is perfectly complemented by the timeless elegance of the three-stone setting.

A three-stone cushion cut diamond engagement ring is set next to a purple flower.

Vintage-Inspired Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

This enchanting design pays homage to the intricate detailing of vintage jewelry. At its midpoint shines a mesmerizing cushion cut diamond, exuding a soft glow. The vintage-inspired setting adds character to the ring, imbuing it with a sense of history.

A vintage-inspired cushion cut diamond engagement ring with a white background.

Cathedral Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Characterized by gracefully arching metalwork that rises to meet the main stone, this ring style creates a cathedral-like effect. The cushion cut diamond, nestled securely within the cathedral setting, commands attention.

The elevated setting allows light to enter from all angles, amplifying its sparkle and fire. With its striking silhouette, the cathedral cushion cut diamond engagement ring is a breathtaking symbol of commitment.

A cathedral cushion cut diamond engagement ring with a white background.

Find Your Dream Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Band at Mark Broumand

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