2.03ct Fancy Yellow and White Diamond Right-Hand Ring

You Deserve a Right-Hand Custom Diamond Ring

Diamond Rings are commonplace when celebrating a marriage: there is the anticipation of the engagement ring, the joy of the wedding ring and the celebration of an anniversary ring. While these jewelry traditions definitely have their place, it is also nice to celebrate "just because". That is where the right-hand ring comes in. What better way to recognize "you" than to reward yourself than with your own right-hand custom diamond ring to perfectly match your style.

Subtle Sophistication

0.90ct round brilliant cut diamondright hand band  | Mark Broumand

If you like clean lines and symmetry, create an elegant and sophisticated round brilliant cut diamond eternity band. The classic 18k white gold band features a row of larger diamonds in the center flanked by two outer rows of smaller micropavé diamonds. This is a clean and simple look that looks great worn alone or as an accent band.

A Little on the Wild Side

2.70ct Round Brilliant Cut Right Hand Custom Diamond Ring

This very unique black and white diamond snake ring is sure to be a conversation starter. The black and white diamonds contrast each other so boldly that the ring seems to come alive.

Bold and Beautiful

2.03ct Fancy Yellow and White Diamond Right-Hand Ring | Mark Broumand

How often do you get to custom design something so beautiful from start to finish to your exacting specifications? Not often enough! So go as bold, as big and as colorful as you like. Mix and match different diamond shapes like radiants, cushions, pear shapes and ovals in fancy yellow colors and surround them with a halo of beautiful round diamonds.

Rainbows and Hearts

3.90ct Colored Stones and Diamond Flower Cluster Right-Hand Ring | Mark Broumand

We can love rainbows and hearts at any age. Take some heart shaped gemstones, sprinkle it with diamonds to create a happy and brilliant flower shaped right-hand ring that will always bring a smile.

If you would like to select a ring that is colorful and unique, the diamond right-hand ring is the perfect gift waiting for you. Visit Mark Broumand to browse his selection of diamond rings or be daring when you custom design your very own right-hand diamond ring. Mark makes custom designing jewelry an easy, affordable and enjoyable experience. We think you deserve it!