Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

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About Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

Emerald cut diamond engagement and anniversary rings differ from other styles of diamonds because they feature step-cut (or trap-cut) stones. The facets of the emerald cut diamond are rectilinear and arranged parallel to the girdle, in an octagonal outline, and are typically applied to emerald gemstones, hence the origin of the name.

But emerald cuts work perfectly with diamonds as well. The corners of diamonds are a point of weakness for the stone, and the emerald cut addresses this concern. Rather than a culet, like other cuts, the emerald cut diamond features a keel running through the length of the pavilion terminus.

The emerald cut diamond in contemporary times

It's no surprise to learn that the most popular diamond cut style of these times is the round brilliant cut. But that hasn't always been the case. You may notice a significant amount of antique jewelry, particularly of the Art Deco period, that features this step-cut style. As such there is great interest by people today to recapture the beauty of that time period.

Who is the emerald cut diamond ideal for?

The emerald cut diamond engagement ring is ideal for anyone who may love the classic style found in antique jewelry. While this is a popular style today, it is nowhere nearly as popular as the round brilliant cut, thus choosing the emerald cut is a bold choice that usually results in an engagement or anniversary ring that stands out in the crowd.

Our emerald cut diamond engagement rings

At Mark Broumand, we offer a large variety of designs and settings for our emerald cut diamond engagement and anniversary rings. We can also customize any engagement and anniversary ring to match your specific taste.