Diamond Pendants

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About Diamond Pendants

One of the earliest types of body ornamentation is the pendant. The word pendant comes for the Latin word “pendere” which means “to hang down.” Pendants are usually hung from a necklace and in ancient times, shells and other natural materials were hung from woven grass as pendants. Today, fine pendants are made of precious metals and diamond or gemstones such as sapphire, emerald, or ruby. There is a wide range of styles including the solitaire, chandelier, drop, and circle pendants. The simple diamond solitaire pendant is the most popular pendant style and customarily given as a gift by a loved one. Custom pendants are also an option and can be custom made to feature any specially chosen diamond or precious gem. Diamond pendants can be created in many different shapes and using different diamond cuts, such as round, princess and pear shape diamonds. In modern times pendants are the most common piece of jewelry that women wear. It is usually the jewelry piece that completes a woman’s look.