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What kind of wedding band does the modern man want? The answer varies from person to person. Today’s wedding bands for men come in an array of styles, metals, and shapes, meaning that the opportunities for individual customization are seemingly endless.

Don’t let the options available to you grow overwhelming, though. If you’re struggling to find the right men's wedding ring for a partner, or if you want to look for an upgrade, you can turn to Mark Broumand. Our luxury catalog of men's wedding and engagement rings prioritizes your comfort and aesthetic sense of style.

What Are the Different Types of Men's Wedding Bands?

Men's wedding bands enjoy as much diversity as women's. Today’s shoppers can choose from a range of styles and designs, including:

  • Classic, smooth bands
  • Curved bands
  • Diamond bands
  • Gemstone bands

What’s more, men can customize the shape and finish of their rings. Flat, domed, or beveled shapes are all rising in popularity thanks to the unique textures that they add to the average ring. 

Satin finishes can make the overall appearance of a ring more subtle, while high polish and hammered rings tend to catch the passerby’s eye, as can men's wedding bands with diamonds. 

What Is the Average Cost of a Men's Wedding Band?

The price of a ring can vary depending on the material it's made out of, what gemstones it comes with, and even how it's finished. The men's wedding bands available through Mark Broumand, for example, can range widely in cost, depending on their style and the cut of applicable gemstones.

With that in mind, make sure you set a budget for your wedding band before you start browsing for options. If you can afford a luxury men's wedding band, you can explore a wider range of makes and models.

How do I Know What Size to Order for a Men's Wedding Band?

If you don’t know your ring size or need to find out someone else’s ring size, consider visiting your local jeweler and having your ring finger measured. It’s in your best interest to have your ring size taken when you’re well-rested, but not first thing in the morning, as your fingers tend to be larger after you’ve slept.

What Are Some Popular Materials for Men's Wedding Bands?

Gold men's wedding bands remain some of the most popular on today’s market. That said, platinum men's wedding bands are also becoming more common. Mark Broumand specifically stocks men's wedding bands in platinum and gold, celebrating these industry trademarks with a range of unique settings and ring styles.

How do Men's Wedding Bands Differ From Women's?

Men’s wedding bands tend to be less visually eye-catching than women’s. They don’t have to be, but many wearers prefer an understated, thicker band to a woman’s gemstone-centric band. Even if the wearer doesn’t request a thicker ring, men’s bands tend to run a few millimeters larger than women’s to accommodate the average size of men’s fingers.

That said, wedding band styles for men have grown more diverse in the past few decades. Men who want more visually stunning rings can find them in a variety of materials and designs. However, men who prefer understated rings can look for more traditional rings.

Should Men's Wedding Bands Match Their Partners?

Men’s wedding bands do not have to match their partner’s. Two parties’ rings can be entirely unique so long as they suit the people wearing them. That said, matched pair rings are becoming increasingly popular. You can work with Mark Broumand consultant to find a matching pair that suits your and your partner’s lifestyle and aesthetic taste.

Can Men's Wedding Bands Be Customized?

You can customize a men’s wedding band. Mark Broumand makes this process easy with its design gallery.

How Do I Clean and Care for a Men's Wedding Band?

The method you use to clean a wedding band should vary depending on the type of material your band is made from. For example, men's platinum or gold wedding bands only need soap and water to shine like new. 

Men's white gold wedding bands, in particular, need to be redipped every so often to maintain their color.

You Can Find Unique Men's Wedding Bands With Mark Broumand

Are you struggling to find the perfect men's wedding band? Look no further than Mark Brouman’s luxury engagement and wedding ring catalog. Mark Broumand and team offer a wide selection of traditional gold and platinum bands for you to choose from. We even offer you the opportunity to customize your ring so you can wear an entirely original piece of art.

Mark Broumand strives to make it as easy as possible for you to find the men's wedding ring of your dreams. You can count on us to prioritize your quest for a ring that’s comfortable, long-lasting, and one-of-a-kind. 

If you’re ready to start browsing or have questions about our stock, you can use our contact form to get in touch.