The Allure of the Fancy Colored Diamond Engagement Rings

Posted on June 24th, 2014

While the traditional “white” diamonds are considered at their highest value when they are completely colorless, the fancy color diamond engagement rings are valued due to the unique color they possess. They are available in up to 12 different colors including fancy white, fancy black, red, purple, gray, violet, brown, orange, green, blue, pink and yellow.

Each of the hues is exquisite in their own way; however, the colors that are seen most often for engagement rings include pink and 4.25ct Fancy Yellow Radiant Cut Diamond Engagement Anniversary Ring - $33,995yellow. The fancy color diamonds are then assessed based on three particular characteristics, which include: hue: the actual color that is visible; tone: the darkness or lightness of the color; saturation: also referred to as the consistency, strength or saturation. Once the assessments are completed, then the colored diamonds are provided a grade on the actual color scale.

Fancy color diamond engagement rings have grown in popularity due to the many celebrities who have chosen to wear these rings, such as Blake Lively, Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood.

The fact is that the fancy color diamonds are considered both beautiful and rare, making them sought after by collectors, as well as CUSHION CUT DIAMONDdiamond lovers, alike. Much like a traditional diamond, the fancy color diamonds are the direct result of the earth’s carbons that have had to endure high temperatures as well as extreme pressure for millions of years. What makes them different is the natural addition of certain elements such as hydrogen, nitrogen and boron.

The fancy color diamonds make the ideal center stones for an engagement ring due to the fact that then on only sparkle, but also stand out and demand attention. It is estimated that only one out of each 10,000 diamonds are considered fancy, which make them a truly rare option. Selecting fancy color diamond engagement rings will mean you need to select the color intensity your desire, with the available options being fancy vivid (which is the brightest), fancy intense and fancy.

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