3 Tips For Picking Out Jewelry For Your Wedding Day

3 Tips For Picking Out Jewelry For Your Wedding Day

You have been planning for what feels like forever. The venue has been selected, cakes have been tasted and, of course, you found the perfect dress. However, your wedding day look does not stop at the gown. The jewelry you decide to wear on your special day can elevate your look and add that wow factor that every bride wants.

Consider Your Dress

You finally found the wedding dress you have been imagining since you were a little girl; so the last thing you want is your jewelry to clash with it. For this reason, it is important to consider your dress when start your jewelry search. For bright white fabrics, white gold and platinum tend to work best; for champagne and warmer colored looks, yellow and rose gold look great. Additionally, when picking out a necklace, it is vital to think about your neckline. A V-neck looks beautiful with a pendant, while strapless dresses benefit from a statement or more rounded necklace look such as this gorgeous tennis necklace.

Don’t Overestimate Comfort

During the planning stages, it can be easy to forget what a long day your wedding can be. You’ll be in your look for many hours, and if you aren’t used to wearing the kind jewelry you have picked out for your special day, it may start to get uncomfortable after a couple of hours. If you have your heart set on a pair of statement earrings that are a bit heavier than you are used to for your ceremony; remember that you always have the option of changing your jewelry between your ceremony and reception. You can have the flexibility of more than one jewelry look at your disposal; wear your gorgeous diamond statement pieces during your ceremony and get ready for your reception by putting on some daintier lightweight pieces.

Make Sure It’s You

When planning your wedding, it is likely that everyone around you will have an opinion, which can be a bit overwhelming. When searching for your wedding day jewelry make sure that it reflects your style and taste. While the necklace that your mother loves may be beautiful, it may not be you. Remember that it is your day to shine and whether you have your heart set on a gorgeous tennis necklace or dainty diamond pendant, you should pick the piece that speaks to you the most.