A guide to Radiant Cut Diamonds: Diamond Rings

A Guide to Radiant Cut Diamonds

The radiant shape is definitely worth considering if you are in the market for a square or rectangle shaped diamond. Radiant cut diamonds are relatively new and feature the sleek lines of a square cut stone, with all the fire of a traditional round brilliant cut diamond.

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The radiant cut diamond features 70 facets with corners that are cropped. The high number of facets is designed to optimize the sparkle and scintillation of the diamond. The radiant cut features what gem cutters refer to as a mixed cut. Mixed cut stones combine the best aspects of brilliant cut stones (typically round) and step cut stones (square and emerald cut). The result is a gemstone that features much of the fire and sparkle of a brilliant cut, with the elegant lines and weight preserving shape of a angled square cut gem.


The Radiant cut is similar to the less popular Barion cut which was developed in 1971 by Basil Waterman. In 1977, Henry Grossbard worked to perfect the optical effects of the cut and developed the brilliant modern Radiant shape, and in doing so, transformed the diamond industry forever. His unique and creative approached bestowed a fiery brilliance that was lacking in square and rectangle shaped gems from the past. With his carefully placed facets, radiant cut stones feature an eye-catching “kaleidoscope” effect, the result of a stone with more “points of light” reflected within the diamond than any other cut.

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When shopping for the perfect Radiant cut diamond for you, there are a few recommendations for getting the ideal diamond for your budget. Focus on shopping for a cut rating of Excellent or Very good, and a gemstone that is at least SI2 in clarity.

Radiant gems are available in square or rectangle in a variety of length/width ratios.

Whether you are buying a perfect square or a rectangle, the radiant cut gem will burst with a fire seen in few other popular gems in the market.

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