Tips on buying a Necklace or Pendant: Necklace Length

Tips on Buying a Necklace or Pendant

Necklace length chart for Necklace Buying Tips | Mark Broumand

Pendants and necklaces make ideal gifts for nearly every occasion and are a popular choice for graduations, birthdays, holidays and anniversaries. Not to be overlooked is the opportunity the gift of a necklace creates to perform the ever romantic moment of draping it around her neck for the first time. A pendant or necklace is also a perfect Valentine's Day Gift idea.

Today, necklaces and pendants are available in thousands of styles, this article will help guide you choose the ideal neckpiece for the occasion by considering two key factors: design and size.


As necklaces are worn to accent an outfit or a set of jewelry look to match the metal colors or gemstones of any jewelry she already wears. The safest bet when it comes to a necklace gift is a diamond solitaire as it compliments nearly every outfit and taste in style.


Necklaces and gold chains for pendants come in a variety of sizes ranging from 12” to 36” and beyond. The most standard sizes are 16-18” as the chain will hang down below the collar bone and above the chest line.

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