Radiant Cut Diamond Rings

A Quality Radiant Cut Diamond Shines Bright

A radiant cut engagement ring is a favorite of many women. The originator of the radiant cut was Henry Grossbard, created in 1977. His first radiant had 61 facets. The newer ones now have as many as 70 facets. The radiant is a square-shaped diamond with rounded corners. What makes it so unique is that it resembles the emerald cut, but the many facets and clipped corners give it the sparkle and fire of a round brilliant. In other words, the radiant is a combination of the round brilliant and the emerald cut. This stone looks stunning on the hand.

Radiant Cut Diamond Rings | Mark Broumand
Radiant Cut Diamond Rings

The best quality radiants to look for are the ones that reflect the most light and radiance. Radiants should never be dull looking. If the jeweler shows you a less than radiant diamond and tells you it’s a radiant cut, pass it up. It’s a poorly cut diamond and not worthy of consideration. The more brilliant the diamond is, the better the cut. It takes a skilled diamond cutter to create the best radiant. If you are looking for a gorgeous square diamond solitaire, the radiant cut diamond is an excellent choice. A three stone setting in white gold or platinum is another great choice.

A radiant cut engagement ring is one of the most admired rings, guaranteed to impress your beloved for many years to come. Diamond rings need to have regular yearly cleanings to keep their shine. The radiant cut diamond engagement rings guarantee to please any woman who loves sparkle and radiance today.