Princess Cut Engagement Rings

The Princess Cut Engagement Ring Offers a Square Diamond

Finding the one was easy now here comes the fun part, shopping for engagement rings. The search for the perfect engagement ring is a process that should be well planned. There is an array of different diamonds to choose from. An engagement ring should reflect the bride’s personality and personal style. No two rings are alike. As a consumer, it is important to shop with proper knowledge about princess cut engagement rings.

The quintessential look of romance and elegance, the princess cut is one of the most desired looks. The appearance of the princess is a square diamond with incredible brilliance and a tall profile. Originated in the 1960’s, this form of cut is considered to be a very contemporary cut. Diamonds are classified according to the carat weight, cut, color and clarity. The princess diamond is tied with the standard round diamond. They have the same amount of facets (58). As a result, a princess diamond’s brilliance reflects a lot of light.

Princess Cut Engagement Rings | Mark Broumand
Princess Cut Engagement Rings

Princess cut engagement rings vary when it comes to size, quality and price. There are choices of metal bands that include: yellow, white, rose gold and platinum. In addition to metals, you have to decide on a ring setting. Personal preference and lifestyle will make it easy to decide which setting to choose from. An understated girl would prefer a solitaire (single diamond). Pavé settings are more luxe and would be great for a fashionista. Whether or not to choose a solitaire, slide stone, three stone or pavé setting, there is a ring setting that she is sure to love.

Engagement rings should be unique and reflect her taste. This is a symbol of one’s love and a commitment to spend the rest of their life with that person. A princess cut diamond ring is a sure way to express your affection.