Antique European Round Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

Antique European Round Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

Antique European round engagement rings feature a diamond that was one of the marked forerunners to the incredibly brilliant round cut diamond ring. When compared to their modern counterparts, these antique stones will have a very small table(top, flat facet on a diamond) with a steep angle on the crown. The lower half of the diamond will be shorter than the modern day round. The bottom facet, or culet will be large. These variations result in a facet pattern that is more blocky with distinctive black and white flashes of light.

2.15ct Old European Round Engagement Ring

2.15ct Old European Round Cut Diamond Engagement Ring Side View | Mark Broumand

This magnificent antique European round engagement ring incorporates modern day details with vintage design. The gorgeous star of this piece is a 2.07ct old European round cut, EGL Certified at G-SI1. It is white, clear, extremely brilliant and has an amazing cut. The gem is accented by rounds in a pavé setting on 18k white gold. The remainder of the shank is 18k yellow gold. This gorgeous two-tone gold antique engagement ring is simple, elegant and beautiful!

2.57ct Old European Round Cut Engagement Ring

2.57ct Old European Round Cut Diamond Engagement Ring Side View | Mark Broumand

This extraordinary antique European round diamond ring is a one-in-a-million artistic creation. This mesmerizing piece features a 1.42ct antique European round cut diamond, GIA certified at F-SI2. It is exceptionally white, perfectly eye clean and immensely brilliant. It is accented by a double halo of round diamonds in a micropavé setting. The shank is channel set with baguette cut diamonds with milgrain detail and there are round diamonds pavé set on the front and back of this gorgeous ring as well. The profile of this ring is breathtaking and this antique European diamond engagement ring is mesmerizing from every angle.

4.02ct Old European Diamond Engagement Ring

4.02ct Old European Cut Diamond Engagement Ring Side View | Mark Broumand

This enchanting antique European round engagement ring is an astonishing window into the past. The gorgeous 3.02ct antique round diamond in the center is EGL Certified at H-SI2. The cut is incredible on this white and exceptionally brilliant old European cut diamond. Two large bezel set pear shape diamonds framed in milgrain detail accent the center stone. The majestic center basket is highlighted with a handmade filigree design and basket and shank are studded with round diamonds in a pavé setting. This piece is breathtaking from every view.

If you enjoy the shape and performance of the round brilliant cut and love all things vintage, the antique round cut diamond engagement rings from Mark Broumand will mesmerize you. Many of the rings showcase true antique round cut diamonds, but modern technology has also made it possible for Mark and his incredible team of jewelers to create unforgettable engagement rings that can bridge the past with your future.