4.42ct emerald cut diamond engagement ring

Celebs Say "I do" to the Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

It seems that many celebrity couples are crazy about the lustrous and bright emerald cut diamond engagement ring. The reason is simple; it is a clear stone with facets of linear beauty that seem to draw you into its depth. The emerald cut diamond is beauty in its simplest form. Though the cut was created for use with emeralds, the shape in diamonds has seen quite a boost in popularity with A-listers over the last ten years.

The rough stone must be high clarity and will have very few, if any flaws that are visible. The profile has one of the largest tables (flat, top facet) of any diamond shape, which acts as a window into the stone itself. The diamond itself has a very shallow depth. Any inclusions are best placed in the facet work of the long or short sides of the stone, where they may become invisible to the naked eye. The rectangular shape will have chamfered corners and the facets run parallel to the girdle like stair steps, hence the term "step cuts", used to create the diamond.

While emeralds have very standard facet patterns, the number of facets will vary between 50 and 58. You can see by the stones below that each and every emerald cut diamond anniversary or engagement ring will be visually unique:


3.76ct Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring
2.31ct Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring
4.50ct Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring


The emerald shape highlights the natural beauty and clarity of a visually flawless diamond. While this stone is not brilliant, like a round brilliant or princess, this cut does reflect light through the diamond very efficiently. Brilliant cuts are often noted for the fire or scintillation that the light creates. The step cuts of the emerald diamond creates a bright, mirror-like effect on light within this gem.

Some of the celebrities madly in love with their emerald cut diamond engagement rings include: Reese Witherspoon, Kim Kardashian, Hayden Panettiere, Kate Hudson, Mariah Carey, Angelina Jolie, Beyonce and Kate Beckinsale to name just a few.

Emerald shape diamond rings are highly favored because of their unique appearance, brightness and vintage style. If you would like to recreate any celebrity emerald cut engagement ring, visit Mark Broumand in Los Angeles or online to find a perfect emerald cut diamond ring match or custom design a ring to match your favorite celebrity emerald cut diamond engagement ring with Mark Broumand.